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Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels PS3 Cheats

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Expert Mode:
Complete all four series in single player to unlock Expert Mode.


Bronze trophies
First of Many - Complete your first Duel.
To the Top! - Reach the top of the first Duel ladder.
Series Complete - Complete your first series.
Custom Victory - Win a Duel using a custom Deck Recipe.
Rank Up - Win 15 ranked Matches.
Another One? - Win a Duel and earn a second copy of a card.
Back at Ya - Use a signature creature against their owner.

Silver trophies
Half Way There - Complete Yu-Gi-Oh! and GX series.
Series Finale - Complete Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and ZEXAL series.
World Duelist - Play 30 Multiplayer Duels.
One Better - Inflict at least 1,000,001 damage.

Gold trophies
Number One - Complete Expert Mode.

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