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Wizardry: Torawareshi Bourei no Machi PS3 Cheats

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"Wizardry Scenario 1" trophies:

Bronze trophies
1,000,000 Gold Collected - Collect 1,000,000 gold.
10,000 Gold Collected - Collect 10,000 gold.
Beginning Helper - Killed 750 enemies.
Eager Bounty Hunter - Killed 5,000 enemies.
Experienced Adventurer - Killed 15,000 enemies.
Looking For Darkness - Has mapped 100% of DeBour.
Lost In The Fog - Has mapped 100% of Bofonkelk.
Self Aware Collector - Obtain 70 different types of items.
The One Who Changed Everything - Finished the game with Carmine as the main character.
The One Who Lost His Way - Finished the game with Cyrus as the main character.
The One Who Went With The Flow - Finished the game with Beatrix as the main character.
Those New To The City - Has mapped 50% of Machine Toheto.
Those With Good Friends - Have five different races in your party.
Those With Reliable Friends - Have one party member reach level 30.
Total Playing Time 100 Hours - Play for 100 hours.
Total Playing Time 5 Hours - Play for 5 hours.
Total Playing Time 50 Hours - Play for 50 hours.
Town Bodyguard - Killed 3,000 enemies.
Unselfish Collector - Obtain 30 different types of items.

Silver trophies
3,000,000 Gold Collected - Collect 3,000,000 gold.
Endless Collector - Obtain 100 different types of items.
Experienced Hitman - Killed 30,000 enemies.
Learning The Truth - Has mapped 100% of Ouderkurk.
Legendary Labyrinth Master - Killed 45,000 enemies.
The One Who Takes An Overall View - Finished the game with all characters.
Those With Strong Friends - Have one party member reach level 50.
Total Playing Time 200 Hours - Play for 200 hours.
Total Playing Time 300 Hours - Play for 300 hours.

Gold trophies
30,000,000 Gold Collected - Collect 30,000,000 gold.
A Part Of The End - Collect all traveling trophies.
Insatiable Collector - Obtain 150 different types of items.
The Destroyer - Killed 59,630 enemies.
Total Playing Time 500 Hours - Play for 500 hours.

Platinum trophy
100% Cleared - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

"Wizardry Scenario 2" trophies:

Bronze trophies
After The Troubles - Clear "Coward!" quest.
Close To The Gates Of The Abyss - Clear "Where to Seal" quest.
Light Illuminates The People - Has mapped 100% of Uoteringu.
Looked Into The Abyss - Clear "Existence of the Devil" quest.
Lost In The Darkness - Has mapped 100% of Sutatsen.
Survivor Of The Fog - Has mapped 100% of Disumen.

Silver trophies
Ghost Town Keeper - Acquire all trophies for both scenarios.
The Sad Quiet of The Ghosts - Acquire all Scenario 2 trophies.

"Wizardry Scenario 3" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Paid From The Darkness - Has mapped 100% of Graham's Labyrinth.
Talk Of Change - Clear "Lady Malbus' Request" quest.
The Fog Lifted - Has mapped 50% of Graham's Labyrinth.
The Ghost And The Spirit - Clear "Release for All" quest.
Those Who Find A New Way - Has mapped 100% of Sutoraju.
Thoughtful Person - Clear "Save the City of Ghosts" quest.

Silver trophies
Those Who Crush Evil - Acquire all Scenario 3 trophies.
Those Who Know All The Ghosts - Acquire all trophies for all three scenarios.

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