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Split-screen mode online:
Turn split screen on when creating a new game. During the game, press Start on controller 2 to activate split screen mode. All players will now share the same screen name.

Extra homing missiles:
To get extra homing missiles when you have single shot homing missiles, pause the game and wait 15 seconds, then resume the game. You will be able to add three more homing missiles. This works up to nine missiles.

Easy points in TDM:
An easy way to gain points in TDM is to go to a base that your team does not control and stand next to the flag. If the opposing team owns this base you will get 4 points by standing next to it for 20 seconds.

Dodging missiles:
-To quickly evade missiles, roll and flip in the air.

-When avoiding missiles and rockets while in a plane, dive down, bank right, go up, then bank left. This will shake off most missiles if there are more than two of them, and all of them if there are less than two.

-Use the following trick to dodge a homing missile (fired by missile turrets and Warhawks). Activate the afterburner, then bring down the Right Analog-stick to send your plane into a loop. Then, press Right Analog-stick Right or Left to get it spinning. Tilt your controller or Left Analog-stick sideways and hold R2 + L2 to power slide. This will work about 85% of the time if you are skilled.

View updated stats:
To see your updated stats, try logging off for 5 hours and then back on again.

Rank awards:
Recruit (0) - None
Airman (100) - None
Airman 1st Class (500) - Bandit Teamwork
Sergeant (1,250) - Warhawk Recruiting
Chief Sergeant (2,500) - Bandit Ground Combat
Wingman (5,000) - Bandit Air to Air
Wing Leader (9,000) - Bandit 4x4
Sergeant Major (15,000) - Bandit Tank
Cmdr Sergeant (25,000) - Warhawk Aerial Gunnery
2nd Lieutenant (35,000) - Distinguished Air Superiority
1st Lieutenant (50,000) - Team Cross
Commander (70,000) - Combat
Captain (90,000) - Air Combat
Major (150,000) - Warhawk Exemplary Service
Air Marshal (170,000) - Warhawk Executive Award
Cmdr Marshal (190,000) - Warhawk Service
Lt. Colonel (210,000) - Distinguished Combat
Colonel (230,000) - 100 Warhawk Wings
Brigadier General (250,000) - Presidential Meritorious Conduct
General (275,000) - Distinguished Air Combat

Easy ranks hint:
-Create a player-ranked game and set the flag return time to "0". Have a friend on the other team and play until there are at least eight people. Ban everyone except for your friend on the other team, then go to the place where the other team's flag spawns and steal it, but stay exactly where it spawns. Have your friend stand close to you. Then, aim at him and rapidly tap TRIANGLE. If done correctly, the flag will flash back and forth between you and your friend and you will each get two points each time TRIANGLE is pressed.

-To get a higher rank easily, go to "Local Games" and to your call sign. Enter any desired rank. Note: This only works once; entering the highest possible rank is recommended.

Defend your base in Capture The Flag:
To easily defend your base on Island Outpost, make a barricade with one tank and a jeep on the left-hand exit of your base with the flag (the one with the machine gun turret on both sides and a flak gun on the right). Place the tank on one side parked perpendicular to the roadway, then put the jeep behind it also perpendicular to the road. Toss a grenade at the jeep and two at the tank. They will both be almost destroyed so if an opponent jumps in you can easily destroy him. As enemies try driving through the barricade they will get stuck and must either reverse to try another way in or jump out of their vehicle once it hits the barricade. This just adds to its effect. Use the Bluetooth headset to inform your team as to what you are doing so that no one takes a vehicle. Make sure to stay and help kill anyone who tries to get your flag.

Easy Points in Capture The Flag:
-During any Capture The Flag match, get four land mines from one of your bases and immediately fly to your enemy's base with their flag. Tap R2(2) to use turbo. Land just about where their flag is located, but do not try to capture it. Toss all your mines anywhere you can, preferably near where health icons are found, vehicle repair, driver's seat of jeep, any weapons, and on the ceiling of any covering commonly walked under. Then, quickly get out and try getting in and out in about thirty seconds or less. This is possible with practice. Then, get back in your plane and fly back to where you got your landmines. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy points on Zones:
Pretty much do the same thing as in the "Capture The Flag: Easy points" hint, putting a land mine on the base of the flag/marker thing that shows whose base it is. Then, move on and do this to every base you find. You will not only get points every time you capture a base and when someone tries to take one from your team. They will get blown up, giving you more points. Then go back after awhile and repeat.

Troop riders on plane:
Have one of your teammates get in the driver's seat, then have them hold L2 so that plane gets very low to the ground. Have yourself and whoever else around pile onto the plane. You can stand just about anywhere on either plane, but try to stay away from the sides. Crouch to keep from falling off. Make sure to have at least one rider with a rocket launcher. The pilot should never leave Hover mode and not make any sudden movements . Planes may be able to exit troop boundaries, but the riders cannot -- stay in the boundaries. The plane will sink a little with people on it. Simply go up if you get too low. You can then carry your troops to the enemy base. This is also useful in Capture The Flag because you are not allowed to fly with the flag.

Jeeps on plane:
The Nemesis is required for this trick, and is very difficult to execute. Have your pilot hover slightly below the edge of a cliff and have the jeep(s) drive onto each wing. You can get two jeeps on at a time. Like the troop riders, jeeps will make your plane sink. Quickly press R2 to go up and keep from sinking. Jeeps can also be dropped from high altitudes with little or no damage. It is very effective to have two jeeps with people in the turrets. Also, a person with a rocket launcher can crouch on top of the jeep.

Tanks on plane:
This is nearly impossible to do, so master the jeeps before attempting this trick. This works with either Warhawk or Nemesis. Do everything just like the jeep, only your pilot must keep R2 held as soon as it is on--otherwise the tank will fall off and its massive weight will pull down the plane with it. You must constantly press and release R2 to keep a steady altitude. Like jeeps, tanks can also be dropped from a very high altitude. This is useful for stealth bombardment or to drop an empty tank from high altitude. It will explode when it lands. crushing anyone it lands on and blowing up anyone in the immediate area.

Server ranks:
Your rank determines what level Sony server you can get on:

Level 1 - Sergeant and lower
Level 2 - 1st Lieutenant and lower
Level 3 - Cmd Marshal and lower
Level 4 - General and lower

Black or White ghost hint:

In Tau Crater: Mission Critical, get in a plane and go to the warning zone. Click the Playstation button, then click on one of your friends to see their profile and watch the rest of your screen. A black ghost or white ghost will appear.

"Canyon Run" trophy hint:
Fly your airplane into the central gorge in Vapourfield Glacier to unlock the trophy.


Bronze trophies
"Secret" Anti-Camper - Kill an enemy in a missile or flak Turret after that enemy has achieved at least 5 kills in that type of turret.
"Secret" Daredevil - Get 100 feet off the ground in a ground vehicle. Does not count if the vehicle is being carried by a dropship.
"Secret" Hit List - Kill every member of the opposing team at least once during a round.
"Secret" Minesweeper - Get killed by proximity mines 5 times in a single round.
"Secret" Reckless Pilot - Commit suicide in a warhawk by running into your own aerial mine.
"Secret" Vengeance - Kill an enemy within 60 seconds of that enemy killing you.
"Secret" What's That Green Line? - Get killed by a binoculars strike while piloting an aircraft.
Anti-Air Ninja - Shoot down a warhawk with any infantry weapon other than a rocket launcher.
Bandit Award - Earn all in-game badges at bandit level.
Chief Sergeant - Achieve a rank of chief sergeant.
Collector - Capture 4 cores at once in collection mode.
Combat Driver - Complete vehicle combat training.
Cowboy - Play a perfect team deathmatch.
Dead-Eye - Achieve a sniper kill from more than 2,500 feet away.
Dumbfire - Destroy an enemy aircraft with a dumbfired swarm or homing missile.
Emergency Evasion - Break at least 6 simultaneous missile locks using chaff.
Enlistee - Join a clan.
Ground Pounder - Complete ground combat training.
Hat Trick - Get 3 flag captures in a single round of CTF.
How Did You Do That? - Destroy an enemy aircraft with a cluster bomb.
Invincible - While on foot, take at least 250 damage within 10 seconds without dying.
Irony - Kill an enemy with his own proximity mine.
Lone Wolf - Play a perfect deathmatch.
One In A Million - Shoot down an enemy aircraft using the tank's main cannon.
Overkill - Destroy an enemy aircraft with a volley of 8 swarm missiles.
Pilot's License - Complete warhawk combat training.
Recognition of Merit - Earn any 5 in-game medals
Remote Pilot - Destroy an enemy aircraft with a TOW missile.
Resourceful Driver - Achieve a road kill and a .50 cal kill using the same 4x4, without dismounting.
Rivalry - Win a clan match (red server) as either clan leader or a regular member.
Saboteur - Destroy an enemy vehicle with the field wrench.
Survivalist - Survive for one minute as the hero in hero mode.
Tail Shaker - Destroy an enemy aircraft with an aerial mine within 5 seconds of deploying it.
Taxi Driver - Help a teammate capture the flag or cogs by transporting him back to the base, using any vehicle.
Warlord - Create a clan and get 9 other members to join.
World Victory - Control all bases in a zones match, and reduce the enemy's home base to level 1.

Silver trophies
"Secret" Canyon Run - Using a warhawk, shoot down an enemy warhawk in the central gorge in vaporfield glacier.
"Secret" King of the Jungle Gym - Retrieve the proximity mines from the top of the dome on the omega factory rumble dome layout.
"Secret" Safety Violation - Kill a distant enemy from on top of the salvage crane in tau crater.
Aerial Ballet - While flying a jetpack, kill an enemy who is also flying a jetpack with any weapon other than the rocket launcher.
Are You Aim-Botting? - Snipe an enemy who is flying a jetpack.
Behind Enemy Lines - Drive an APC into the enemy's home base, then have at least one teammate spawn into that APC.
Commander - Achieve a rank of commander.
Decorated Soldier - Earn any 15 in-game medals.
Flying Fortress - Awarded to the driver and all six passengers of a fully-loaded dropship.
Giant Killer - Shoot down an enemy dropship while using a warhawk.
Lt. Colonel - Achieve a rank of lt. colonel.
Master Award - Earn all in-game badges at master level.
Shield Breaker - Break an enemy E-POD shield using the lightning shell.

Gold trophies
Bandwidth Donor - Host a ranked dedicated server for 4 consecutive hours.
Executive Honor - Earn all in-game medals.
General - Achieve a rank of general.
Porcupine - Destroy an enemy warhawk with the APC's E-POD shield.
Surgical Strike - Shoot down a dropship with a binoculars strike.
That Was Some Bug - Kill an enemy who is flying a jetpack by hitting him with any vehicle or aircraft.
Warhawk Award - Earn all in-game badges at warhawk level.

Platinum trophy
Warhawk Supreme Achievement - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

"Operation: Broken Mirror" trophies:

Silver trophies
Behind Enemy Lines - Drive an APC into the enemy's home base, then have at least one teammate spawn into that APC.
Canyon Run - Using a Warhawk, shoot down an enemy Warhawk in the central gorge in Vaporfield Glacier.
Shield Breaker - Break an enemy E-POD shield using the Lightning Shell.

Gold trophies
Porcupine - Destroy an enemy Warhawk with the APC's E-POD shield.

"Operation: Fallen Star" trophies:

Silver trophies
Aerial Ballet - While flying a jetpack, kill an enemy (who is also flying a jetpack) with any weapon other than the Rocket Launcher.
Are You Aim-Botting? - Snipe an enemy who is flying a jetpack.
Safety Violation - Kill a distant enemy from on top of the salvage crane in Tau Crater.

Gold trophies
That Was Some Bug - Kill an enemy who is flying a jetpack by hitting him with any vehicle or aircraft.

"Operation: Omega Dawn" trophies:

Silver trophies
Flying Fortress - Awarded to the driver and all six passengers of a fully-loaded Dropship.
Giant Killer - Shoot down an enemy Dropship while using a Warhawk.
King of the Jungle Gym - Retrieve the Proximity Mines from the top of the dome on the Omega Factory Rumble Dome layout.

Gold trophies

Surgical Strike - Shoot down a Dropship with a Binoculars strike.

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