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Bronze trophies

The Might of the Righteous - Kill 100 enemies.
Success is Measured in Blood - Kill 500 enemies using Melee weapons.
Angel of Death - Kill 500 enemies using Ranged weapons.
Firepower - Kill 250 enemies using Exotic weapons.
The Bigger They Are... - Kill 25 Ork Nobs.
Not So Tough - Kill 10 'Ard Boyz.
Glorious Slaughter - Kill 75 enemies using Executions.
Put Them Down - Get 100 Headshots.
Shock & Awe - Kill 150 enemies using the Charge attack.
Death from Above - Kill 25 enemies with Ground Pound.
The Emperor's Marksman - Kill 10 enemies in a row in a single Ranged Fury activation.
The Emperor Protects - Complete Part 1 of the game on Hard difficulty in a single session without dying or restarting.
Nob Down - Win 10 struggles against the Ork Nob.
Blast Radius - Multi-kill -- 5 enemies with 1 Frag grenade.
Precision Killer - Multi-kill -- 2 enemies with 1 Stalker-Pattern bolter shot.
Chain of Death - Multi-kill -- Detonate a chain of 5 consecutive Vengeance Launcher rounds, killing 10 enemies.
Master of Sword and Gun - Complete a Chapter of the single-player campaign using only the Bolt Pistol and Chainsword.
Burn Them All - Complete a Chapter of the single-player campaign using only Plasma weapons.
Brute Force...Unleashed - Complete a Chapter of the single-player game using only the Vengeance Launcher and Power Axe.
Finesse and Fury - Complete a Chapter of the single-player game using only Stalker-Pattern Bolter and Chainsword.
Lexicanum - Collect 10 Servo Skulls.
Battle Brother - Get a Multiplayer character to Lvl 10.
Veteran - Get a Multiplayer character to Lvl 20.
Captain - Get a Multiplayer character to Lvl 30.
Warrior of Darkness and Light - Play 10 Multiplayer games as Space Marine and 10 Multiplayer games as Chaos Marine.
Shapeshifter - Play each class in Multiplayer.
Jack of All Trades - Play 10 Multiplayer games using each class.
Master of Arms - Complete 5 weapon challenges.
Armored in Glory - Complete 10 armor challenges.
Defender - Kill 25 opponents who are capturing your Control Point in Seize Ground.
Devastation! - Have 10 times more kills than deaths in a single game of Annihilation.
Master Crafted - Fully customize a Space Marine and a Chaos Space Marine character.
Down to Earth - Kill 50 Assault Marines/Raptors in mid-air.
Die, Heretics - Kill 50 Chaos Space Marines.
Command Squad - Reunite with your Space Marine brothers.
Into the Breach - Fight your way to the crashed Rok.
Silence the Cannon - Destroy the Orbital Gun.
You Must Carry It - Retrieve the Power Source.
We Take Our Chances - Fire the Psychic Scourge.
But I Am Finished With You - Kill Warboss Grimskull once and for all.
Hammer of the Imperium - Use the Invictus to destroy the Orbital Spire.
Here, At the End of All Things - Kill Daemon Prince Nemeroth.

Silver trophies
Visible, Violent Death - Kill 2500 enemies.
Master of the Clean Kill - Get 250 Headshots.
Feel My Wrath - Kill 250 enemies using Melee Fury attacks.
Chapter Master - Get a Multiplayer character to Lvl 40.
Keeper of the Armory - Complete all the weapon challenges.

Gold trophies

None Can Stand Before You - Complete the entire game on Hard difficulty.
Librarian of Macragge - Collect all Servo Skulls.
True Son of the Emperor - Kill 40,000 enemies in the game (all game modes combined).

Platinum trophy

Trophy Collection Complete - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

"Chaos Unleashed" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Death to the False Emperor - Complete Chaos Invasion Arena 1.
Blood for the Blood God - Complete Chaos Invasion Arena 2.
Skulls for the Skull Throne - Complete Chaos Invasion Arena 3.
Frugal Spenders - Complete a Chaos Invasion Arena without your team using any lives.
Kill, for the Sake of Killing - Complete 3 challenges in one Chaos Invasion Arena.
Heretic - Complete a public Co-op game in the Chaos Invasion mission.

Silver trophies
Let the Galaxy Burn - Complete the Chaos Invasion mission.
Let the Heavens Bleed - Defeat the Chaos Invasion bonus wave.
Glory to the Dark Gods! - Achieve a team score of higher than 270,000 in the Chaos Invasion mission.

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