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Bronze trophies
1,500 m Short Track Specialist - Win a gold at 1,500 m short track speed skating in a single-player game.
500 m Short Track Hero - Win a gold at 500 m short track speed skating in a single-player game.
Aerials Ace - Win a gold at aerials in a single-player game.
Air Play - Complete the Air Play Challenge.
Beat Your Maker - Complete the Beat Your Maker Challenge.
Best With Friends - Play a 4 player game on one system.
Bobsleigh Boss - Win a gold at bobsleigh in a single-player game.
Caught Speeding - Complete the Caught Speeding Challenge.
Corner Counter - Complete the Corner Counter Challenge.
Downhill Dominator - Win a gold at downhill in a single-player game.
Giant Slalom Guru - Win a gold at giant slalom in a single-player game.
Good Host - Host an online game.
Head To Head - Complete the Head To Head Challenge.
High Speed - Complete the High Speed Challenge.
In The 80ís - Complete the In the 80ís Challenge.
Landing Zone - Complete the Landing Zone Challenge.
Lose Your Licence - Complete the Lose Your Licence Challenge.
Luge Lunatic - Win a gold at luge in a single-player game.
Mountain Climber - Unlock the intermediate challenge mountain.
Online Olympian - Play an event online.
Parallel Giant Slalom Pro - Win a gold at parallel giant slalom in a single-player game.
Reverse Engineering - Complete the Reverse Engineering Challenge.
Save The Snowmen - Complete the Save The Snowmen Challenge.
Saved By The Snowmen - Complete the Saved By The Snowmen Challenge.
Skeleton Crazy - Win a gold at skeleton in a single-player game.
Ski Cross Supreme - Win a gold at ski cross in a single-player game.
Ski Jump Champion - Win a gold at ski jumping in a single-player game.
Slalom Star - Win a gold at slalom in a single-player game.
Snowboard Cross Champion - Win a gold at snowboard cross in a single-player game.
Speed - Complete the Speed Challenge.
Speed Bands - Complete the Speed Bands Challenge.
Style Run - Complete the Style Run Challenge.
Super-G Superstar - Win a gold at super-G in a single-player game.
Supersonic - Complete the Supersonic Challenge.
Target Practice - Complete the Target Practice Challenge.
Time To Try - Complete the Time To Try Challenge.
Top Speed - Complete the Top Speed Challenge.
Winners Use Tokens - Complete the Winners Use Tokens Challenge.

Silver trophies
Do Not Touch - Complete the Do Not Touch Challenge.
Good Gate / Bad Gate - Complete the Good Gate / Bad Gate Challenge.
In The 90ís - Complete the In the 90ís Challenge.
Lap It Up - Complete the Lap It Up Challenge.
Overtake - Complete the Overtake Challenge.
Runout - Complete the Runout Challenge.
Skating With Snowmen - Complete the Skating With Snowmen Challenge.
Smashing Snowmen - Complete the Smashing Snowmen Challenge.
Super Runout - Complete the Super Runout Challenge.
Token Effort - Complete the Token Effort Challenge.

Gold trophies
Back To Back Glory - Win 5 online events in a row.
Challenge Crazy! - Complete all game challenges.

Platinum trophy
All Trophies - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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