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Valkyrie Of The Battlefield: Gallian Chronicles PS3 Cheats

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Unlockable characters:
Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Audrey - Earn 10 medals.
Emile - Let Oscar perish in battle after acquiring his true potential.
Knute - Input the Command Room with a million DCT.
Musaad - Complete the game.
Lynn - Have Karl, the engineer, in your party while on a mission.

Unlockable equipment:
Unlock the following equipment by performing the corresponding tasks:

Flamethrowers - Level your Shocktroopers to Level 11 - Trooper Elite
Grenade Launchers - Level your Scouts to Lv. 11 - Scout Elite
Motar Lance (Lancaar-SH) - Get Lancers to level 11.

Unlock the following medals by performing the corresponding tasks:

Excellence in Armament - Commission all weapon upgrades and collect all enemy ace and royal weapons
Excellence in Leadership - Learn every order
Excellence in Technology - Commission all tank upgrades (including all three level 3 Edelweiss upgrades) and collect all enemy ace tank parts
Fouzen Service Medal - Complete the Chapter 10 battle
Gallian Front Commemorative - Complete all chapters and reports
Gallian Medal of Honor - Complete the Chapter 9 battle
Ghirlandaio Service Medal - Complete the second Chapter 15 battle
Naggiar Service Medal - Complete the Chapter 14 battle
Order of the Golden Wings - Train all character classes to level 20
Order of the Holy Lance - Earn an A Rank on any chapter battle after Chapter 10
Order of the Holy Shield - Complete any chapter battle after Chapter 10 without any of your units being reduced to 0 HP
Randgriz Crest of Honor - Earn and A Rank on every battle, including all reports and all ranks of all skirmish battles
Savior of Gallia - Beat the game and begin a new game from the saved file
The Bronze Arms of Gallia - Kill 250 enemy units
The Crimson Heart - Have a soldier who has fallen in combat survive eiter by calling a medic or clearing the battle before they die
The Golden Arms of Gallia - Kill 1000 enemy units
The Lance of Gallia - Kill an enemy ace
The Silver Arms of Gallia - Kill 500 enemy units
The Splintered Horn - Let a character who has unlocked his/her hidden potential die in combat
The Wings of Solidarity - Unlock the full personnel profiles for all recruits

New Game +:
After beating the game save it. Load your saved data to start a new game with the following benefits.

Character Stats - You retain the EXP, money, weapons and levels that you have gained on your previous excursions.
Hard Mode - Hard mode is now unlocked which can be selected for skirmishes.
Mission Replayability - You can now play all of the storyline missions as many times as you want
Music Tab - You can now listen to the various musical pieces from the game
Statistics Tab - You can now see the statistics of the missions

Enemy Ace weapons and tank parts:
Fin the the following enemy Ace weapons and tank parts in the corresponding locations of the specified chapters:

Chapter 2: Segular the Wall (ZM Kar 1) - north-east of your tank in turn 3.
Chapter 3: Ty the Immortal (ZM MP 1) - second grass field north of your tank.
Chapter 5: Lt Nonnenkof (ZM MP 2) - south-west corner of the enemy base.
Chapter 6: Malya the Dust (ZM SG 1) - north-east of the map behind an L wall.
Chapter 7: Kanazar the Lion (ZM Kar 2) - coming with selvaria.
Chapter 8a: Ty the Immortal (ZM MP 3) - north-west of the map.
Chapter 8b: Zytreet the Lynx ((ZM SG 2) - center of the map.
Chapter 10a: Oswald the Iron (ZM Kar 3) - north-west of the map; you must take the second train to go up there or shoot him from the bridge with a sniper/tank.
Chapter 10b: Tavyse the Beast (ZM SG 3) - south-east of the map; you must take the train to reach him.
Chapter 11: Cpt. Nonnenkof (VB FW 1) - just north-west of the enemy main camp.
Chapter 12: Mash the Hunter (ZM SG 4) and Yosnoa the Hound (Enhanced Block Pin for Edelweiss) - at the beginning, Mash is the tank and Yosnoa is in their main camp.
Chapter 13: Sima the Younger (ZM Kar 4) - west of the map behind the bunker.
Chapter 14: Sima the Elder (ZM MP 4) - At the beginning shooting at someone.
Chapter 15a: Ozwald the Steel (ZM Kar 5) and Matz the Cleaner (Firing Calculator for Edelweiss) - Ozwald is hiding in grass north-east of the map and Matz is a big tank just south-west of Ozwald.
Chapter 16: Shuntr the Mount (ZM SG 5) - a sniper at the end of the map.
Chapter 17: Ty the Immortal (ZM MP 5) - in the south-western enemy base; he will run to the south in a small alley with sandbags.
War Without Weapons: Fujmolt the Edge (VB FW 2) - in the second grass north of the tree.
Flower of the Battle Field: Toiold the Bull (Firing Calculator for Shamrock) - a big tank you will have to destroy to win the battle.

Bonus Missions(Behind Her Blue Flame):
Unlock the following missions by performing the corresponding tasks:

Mission 2a - Complete the first mission without defeating the Boss tank in the southwest section of the map.
Mission 2b - Complete the first mission after defeating the Boss tank in the southwest section of the map.
Mission 3 - Get an "A" rank in all previous missions.

EX Hard DLC unlockable weapons:
Kill the enemy ace and complete the following missions in EX Hard Skirmish mode to be rewarded with the corresponding weapons:

Anti-Tank Flamer Attachment - Kill the enemy ace in east bank of vasel. Near the center of the map and in the center of the imperial's central force.
Anti-Tank Sniper Rifle - Kill the enemy ace in marberry shores. Ace is wearing gallian attire in the small base separating the beach from the interior.
Imperial Anti-Tank Lance - Kill the enemy ace in naggiar plains. Up in a sniper tower equipped with an AT lance. 

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