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Bronze trophies
Close to Home - A player answers a Hot Seat question truthfully.
Coming Clean - Register a truthful response in a standard game.
Full House - 8 players register for a game of Truth or Lies.
Is It Getting Hot in Here? - Calibrate your voice.
Is That So? - A player answers a Hot Seat question with a lie.
Judge and Jury - Answer a Hot Seat question.
Original Sinner - Register a lie in a standard game.
Sweaty Palms - Register your name.
You Can Breathe Out Now - Complete a game of Truth or Lies.

Silver trophies

A Bad Bunch - A player wins a round with a score of 1000 points or lower.
Dubious - A player receives most truthful and least truthful in a single round.
Senior Interrogator - Answer 10 Hot Seat questions.

Gold trophies
Chief Interrogator - Answer 20 Hot Seat questions.

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