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Understanding Derezzing:
There are trophies asking you to derezz with the bomb, corruption, heavy, or the stasis disc. Choosing the type is not enough; you need to finish them off with a power move to get credit. Derezzing without finishing with a power attack will yield you a plain light disc kill.

Insane difficulty:

Complete the game under the Hard difficulty setting to unlock Insane difficulty.

"Unstoppable Program" trophy hint:

To unlock the Unstoppable Program trophy, you must get the maximum hit multiplier (30). Go into a Data Station and fire up a Game Grid Match. Disintegration is the default option with Bots. Let the CPUs gather together since they don't seem to care about you at all, then use the basic X,X,X combo in a large gathering. Some single throws will count as 2 or 3. Continue until you hit 30.


Bronze trophies
What kind of program is he? - Gained a Version (Level) for the first time.
Gain a Version in the Game Grid - Gained a Version (Level) in the Game Grid.
It's what I do - Your character has reached Version 10.
System Monitor Evolved - Your character has reached Version 20.
Look what I found! - Collected your first Tron File.
Ah, now I get it - Collect all Abraxas Shards.
Warming Up - Get a 5X Hit multiplier.
I can do this all day - Get a 15X Hit multiplier.
Please come again - Bought your first upgrade.
Maybe This Will Do Something - Captured a Power Node or Tank Node in the Game Grid.
Game Grid Newbie - Played a match in the Game Grid.
It's only the beginning - Won an online Disintegration match in the Game Grid. 2 or more human players required.
Hooray for our side - Won an online Team Disintegration match in the Game Grid. 2 or more human players required.
I think I like this - Won an online power monger match in the Game Grid. 2 or more human players required.
We made it!..this far - Drove a total of 15000 Kilocycles with your Light cycle or Light tank.
Up close and personal - Derezzed 100 enemies with melee.
It's all in the wrists - Derezzed 500 enemies with your Light Disc.
Knock Knock Kaboom! - Derezzed 50 enemies with your Bomb Disc.
You're not going to like this - Corrupt 25 enemies.
You're slower than me - Derezzed 25 enemies with your Stasis Disc.
Never Saw it coming - Derezzed 50 enemies with your Heavy Disc.
What a ride! - Derezzed 100 enemies while on the Lightcycle.
Boom boom boom - Derezzed 200 enemies while in the Light Tank.
Unstoppable - Derezzed 10 enemies before dying.

Silver trophies
Yeah that's the stuff - Your character has reached Version 30.
I want more! - Your character has reached Version 40.
Tron Aficionado - Collected all Tron Files.
Unstoppable program - Get the maximum hit multiplier.
Light Disc Modder - Bought all disc mods.
Game Grid Tactician - Bought all enhancers.
Digital Shopping Spree - Bought all character upgrades.
Greetings, program! - Completed the Tutorial.
Reboot - Completed Chapter One.
Shutdown - Completed Chapter Two.
Arjia - Completed Chapter Three.
Race to the Grid - Completed Chapter Four.
Identification - Completed Chapter Five.
The Approach - Completed Chapter Six.
End of line - Completed The Game.

Gold trophies
Evolved User - Completed the game on 'Insane' difficulty level without changing the setting.
Now for some real user power - Your character has reached Version 50.

Platinum trophy
Platinum - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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