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Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding passwords at the Options menu.

All Decks - needaride
All Specials - yougotitall
Always Special - jammypack
Full Air Stats - drinkup
Full Stats - allthebest
Infinite Focus - shellshock
Inkblot Deck - birdhouse
Perfect Manual - frontandback
Perfect Rail - balancegalore
Play as Anchorman - newshound
Play as Christian Hosoi - hohohosoi
Play as Colonel and Security Guard - militarymen
Play as Dad & Skater Jam kid - strangefellows
Play as Grim Reaper - enterandwin
Play as Jason Lee - notmono
Play as Kevin Staab - mixitup
Play as Mascot - manineedadate
Play as Nerd & Bum - wearelosers
Play as Pat the Realtor - shescaresme
Play as Photography Girl and Filmer - themedia
Play as Skinny Real Estate Agent - sellsellsell
Play as Travis Barker - plus44
Play as Twin - badverybad
Play as Zombie - suckstobedead
Vans Gothic Shoes - hatedandproud

Unlockable Videos:
Unlock the following videos by performing the corresponding Pro Challenges:

All Pros Behind The Scenes Videos - Complete each pro challenge.
All Pros Day In The Life Videos -Get from jason lee.
Bam Margera Pro Footage - Complete the bam margera pro challenge.
Bob Burnquist Pro Footage - Complete the bob burnquist pro challenge.
Daewon Song Pro Footage - Complete the daewon song pro challenge.
Dustin Dollin Pro Footage - Complete the dustion dollin and stevie willams pro challenge.
Lyn-Z Adams Hawkings Pro Footage - Complete the lyn-z and nyjah pro challenge.
Mike V Pro Footage - Complete the mike v pro challenge.
Nyjah Huston Pro Footage - Complete the lyn-z and nyjah pro challenge.
Paul Rodriguez Pro Footage - Complete the paul rodriguez pro challenge.
Pro Bails 1 - Complete the tony hawk pro challenge.
Rodney Mullen Pro Footage - Complete the rodney mullen pro challenge.
Ryan Scheckler Pro Footage - Complete the ryan scheckler pro challenge.
Stevie Willams Pro Footage - Complete the dustin dollin and stevie willams pro challenge.

Unlockable Characters:
Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bam Margera - Complete his pro challenge.
Beaver Mascot - Unlock high school.
Bob Burnquist - Complete his pro challenge.
Bum - Unlock the car factory level.
Daewon Song - Complete his pro challenge.
Dustin Dollin - Complete his pro challenge.
Filmer-  Unlock the high school level.
Jason Lee - Complete the final tony hawk goal.
Lyn-z Adams Hawkins - Complete her pro challenge.
Mike Valley - Complete his pro challenge.
Nyjah Huston - Complete his pro challenge.
Paul Rodriguez - Complete his pro challenge.
Photographer - Unlock the shops level.
Real Estate Agent - Unlock the downtown level.
Rodney Mullen - Complete his pro challenge.
Ryan Sheckler - Complete his pro challenge.
Security Guard - Unlock the school level.
Stevie Williams - Complete pro challenge.
Travis Barker - Complete pro challenge.
Zombie - Complete pro challenge.

Shaba collector's deck:
To unlock the Shaba collector's deck, get a "Sick" rank in the downhill bonus level by completing the ten Classic Mode objectives. You will then be able to get the deck for free at the skateshop.

Easy stokens in
An easy way to get stokens is to go to the Fun Park and get on top of the building with the Stoken guy. Jump onto the rollercoaster in the direction the cart is going and grind it for about 5 minutes.

No head, legs, or hands glitch:
In the training area pick Dustin Dollin and complete his first lesson. Press L1+L2+R1+R2 to Force Bail and when he gets up press L3 + X. The game will re-load with Dustin Dollin at your crash pad. Go to Edit Skater and change his head. His head, legs and hands will be removed.

Increase air stat in factory:
In the factory, there are four jet-machines that shoot you very fast. Put a quarter pipe in front of the jet-machines to easily perform harder tricks such the 1080.

Bird's Eye view glitch:
-Find an editor goal where you can move kickers, rails etc. around. Crash into a local skater or pedestrian to get them to chase you. While you are being chased, skate to the editor goal and start it. The pededstrian will run into you off screen. You will now be looking down upon your skater from above, and can still move pieces around.

-If there is a spot challenge nearby, you can start it in the bird's eye view to revert the camera back to its normal position behind the skater. You can still move pieces around, but if you do a grab trick the editor goal will end.

Easy Stokens in Downtown:
-Stall on a car that is moving and skitch it through town. Jump off when you are about to fall. You will get a lot of Stokens.

-Start at the entrance where the cars first enter. When the cars come through, hold Up until you are skitching. Ride on that car until it goes around the city and starts to get near the entrance again. Jump off before you get to close to the entrance. Do not go through the entrance or you will not get the Stokens.

Fun Park: Grind challenge:
To achieve Sick without any Ollies, grind in the same direction that the cart is moving. You will be in the middle of the track and you will get the message "Land For SICK Level".

High School: Easy Stokens:
After draining the drainage ditch, Natas Spin on the crank near the building that is close to a pedestrian. When you jump off you will get Stokens. A fifteen second spin will result in 250 Stokens.

Easy manual experience on "Hill Top":
There is a slope where you can manual down to get plenty of manual experience easily. The slope is a road that, when you look down it, you should see a building with a "COME AGAIN!" sign on it. There is a spot challenge at the start of the slope. If you start it, you can manual all the way down. Don't worry about hitting all the spots or anything else. To earn easy experience, just go down the hill as far as possible. When you get to the bottom, instead of going up, just restart your last goal. You will be on the spot challenge again at the top of the hill. Repeat as desired.

Play piano in School:
Find the awning painted like a piano near Nyja Houston and grind it to make piano sounds.

Higher jumps:

Go up to a guard while off your skateboard and jump a couple times over him. Occasionally you will get an extra boost in air. Do this to jump up to a place that you cannot normally jump high enough up to. Hit a guard and make him chase you to the slums. In the lot in front of the Jeep Factory is a hidden spot icon--hop the guard and collect it.

Easy air stats:
Play the first part of Bob B's Pro Challenge. When you are falling through the air, it counts towards your air stats. Begin the mission and start flying through the air.Let the game idle like this since it repeatedly resets the mission and when you do not perform all of the tricks and hit the ground, it just puts you straight to the top and never stops.

Infinite glitch:
While doing the "Wreck Yourself" goal on Capitol Hill in Career mode, run up to the red line coming from the left and moving to the right. Press TRIANGLE just after you cross the red line and steer your player to the right of the level. You must press TRIANGLE at the correct moment to get your player to go far enough. Aim for the white billboard to have a message appear, state that you are leaving the goal area. When time runs out, you will respawn on top of a shed moving back and forth. You can now spin any trick that you know. Nail the trick also works in this glitch. To exit, press L1 + R1 to get on your feet. Allow your foot timer run out to get all your points. If you are in the glitch and you missed a "nail the trick", the only way you can escape is to press Start and exit the goal.

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