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Time Crisis 4 PS3 Cheats

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Unlock the following cheats by performing the corresponding tasks:

Crisis Missions - Beat arcade mode.
Crisis Zone Shield - Complete the complete missions. The shield is activated by rotating the guncon 3 controller 90 degrees.
Freeplay Mode(infinite continues) - Beat arcade mode.
Infinite Credits - Beat arcade mode.
Music Player - Beat the crisis missions.
Infinite Handgun Ammo - Beat arcade mode.
Infinite Special Weapons Ammo - Beat arcade mode twice.

Extra continues:
Each time you fail in arcade mode, your continues will increase by one, up to as many as nine continues.

Crisis Zone Shield:
Complete the Complete missions to unlock the Crisis Zone Shield. To activate the shield, rotate the Guncon 3 controller 90 degrees in either direction. Return the Guncon 3 to an upright position to put away the shield.

Rock Band bass pedal reload:
If you own Rock Band, use the bass drum pedal to reload the gun or to duck while shooting.

Alternate title screens:
Unlock the following alternate title screens by performing the corresponding tasks:

Title Screen Featuring Giorgio and Evan - Complete arcade mode.
Title Screen Featuring Elizabeth Conway with a gun - Complete the crisis missions.
Title Screen Featuring Captain Rush - Complete the complete missions.

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