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Left Behind: "Brick Master" trophy hint:
After you leave the Halloween shop in Chapter 2, "Mallrats", you have to use bricks to break seven windows on the red car. Press L1 to aim and put the curved arc on the window. Every brick must land exactly on target to break the window. Hit the windows in this order: rear window, sun roof, then the two side windows. Circle around and hit the front window followed by the second set of side windows. Chapter 4: Fun and Games

Left Behind: "Nobody's Perfect" trophy hint:
During Chapter 4 enter the arcade  "Fun And Games". Riley will be near the "Angel Knives" machine. Search the left corner and press TRIANGLE on the cart racing machine to play it.

Left Behind: "Skillz" trophy hint:
While inside the department store you can fight Riley in a water gun fight. Press R1 to prime the water gun; four pumps are required until it is fully primed. If not primed fully, you will have less range. To win the fight, fill Riley's blue meter by shooting her with the water gun. The second part also includes a game of hide-and-seek. Win two out of three rounds to complete this part.

Left Behind: "BFFs" trophy guide:
Engage in all of the following conversations to unlock the BFFs trophy:

Chapter 2 "Mallrats"
Riley will enter an apartment on the way out of the military school. Look at the wall to your left before climbing to the next floor.
Enter the mall. Find the a small poster on the benches, just ahead and to your right, after getting off the escalator.
When in the mall, move down the first escalator and turn to the right. Find the billboard that features a vacation to Hawaii.
Move down the second escalator in the mall and enter the atrium. Talk with Riley before going inside the tent in the atrium.
Enter Winston’s tent and search the papers on his nightstand.
Leave the atrium and search in the center of the path to find a saddle thrown over a bench.
Go inside the Halloween store, then immediately turn to the left and look in the corner near the window displays. Find the Skeleseer toy and keep examining it.
Look behind the checkout counter at the rear corner of the Halloween store to find a jar full of eyeballs on an otherwise empty shelf.
After finding the eyeball jar, Riley will walk to the right of the exit door and wear a vampire mask.
Put on the green witch mask found on a shelf in the center of the store.

Chapter 4 "Fun and Games"
Sit on the horse on the Merry-Go-Round.
After getting the joke book, keep reading puns until that option is no longer available. There are 22 (!) puns to tell. Make sure to read them all before moving on to another activity.
Find and use the photo booth down the stairs from the ride.

Left Behind: Angel Knives trophy hint:
During Chapter 4, enter the arcade "Fun And Games" and press TRIANGLE to search the "Angel Knives" machine that Riley is standing next to. An imaginary game will start in Ellie's mind. For each of the following rounds press the corresponding button combinations to unlock the trophy:

Round #1 - Press UP.
Round #2 - Press SQUARE.
Round #3 - Press Left, SQUARE.
Round #4 - Press UP, DOWN, CIRCLE.
Round #5 - Tap SQUARE.
Round #6 - Press UP + TRIANGLE + CIRCLE.
Round #7 - Press TRIANGLE.
Round #8 - Press DOWN, RIGHT, SQUARE.
Round #9 - Press DOWN + SQUARE, DOWN + SQUARE.
Rounds #10 and higher - Random combinations.

Multiplayer: General Hints:

-Focus on getting lootboxes - Shown as solid circles within hollows circles on the mini-map, these boxes contain materials needed to craft items and parts. Having the necessary resources to craft better weapons like explosive bombs, Molotovs, and one-hit sticks will usually make the difference between victory and defeat. However, avoid running into the entire enemy team (or lootbox campers) while going after them.

-It's all about teamwork - Unlike most other multiplayer shooters out on the market, this isn't the one where you're likely to mow down the opposing team as a lone wolf. Low ammo and "listening" make this a much more tactical game, requiring teamwork to be effective. Reviving and healing each other, flanking together, etc. will allow you to do far more than running off on your own.

-Molotovs and explosive bombs are great - Molotovs are one hit kills and can take out more than one enemy, while bombs are also powerful and can be set as traps. Use them wisely.

-Execute only when safe - Although the animation is awesome, you'll probably get shivved or shot up if you execute an enemy when his buddy is still nearby.

-Crouch walk often- Running makes you visible on the mini-map and gives the enemy vital info as to where you are and where you're headed. Try to stay crouched as often as possible to force the enemy into relying on "listening".

-Tag enemies - Similar to Gears of War 3, you can press R3 (press the Right-Stick down) when aiming at an enemy to tag them, making them visible to your teamates as well. Some upgrades even make them glow and allow you to track them easier.

-Upgrade that melee weapon - Any time you can upgrade your melee weapon into a one-hit stick, do so. It is the most effective weapon for taking down enemies at close range (besides a shiv) and will save you when an enemy is trying to melee you down.

Easter Eggs:

PlayStation 3
A PS3 can be seen in The University, after you drop through the floor of the Dormitory to battle the Clickers and Bloater. It is in the room with the pool and foosball tables, sitting on the bottom of a bookshelf. Another PS3 is located in Lakeside Resort. While escaping from David's cronies in one of the stores a PS3 lays on the shelf. A PS3 can also be found in the opening segment when you're playing as Sarah, located in the family room under the TV.

While playing as Sarah in the prologue, when you walk into Joel's bedroom, look at the picture on the wall above his bed to see an image of a snowy forest with a lone deer in the foreground. This is an allusion to The Hunt section of the 9th chapter, Lakeside Resort, where you play as Ellie hunting down a buck for food, just before you meed David.

Jurassic Park
The movie theater seen early in the game is showing a movie titled Giraffic Park. Later on in the game, a classic scene from Jurrasic Park seems recreated to an extent with a giraffe in the university.

The Road
While in control of Ellie, in her backpack are 3 joke books. The last book, titled "To Get To The Other Side" with a picture of a chicken whistling, is written by Kathryn McCormack. This is a play on the name of The Road author Cormac McCarthy, as well as actress Catherine McCormack.

The first time the player controls Joel in the apocalyptic future after the title sequence, there is writing on one of the buildings to the left as the player progresses down the alley. The text reads: "SEEK THE FIRE", which is a reference to Cormac McCarthy's novel: The Road. In The Road, the father tells his son that they have to "carry the fire", which is a metaphor for keeping one's humanity, no matter how horrible the world around them becomes. This could have also been the genesis for the name of the "The Fireflys" resistance group that is trying to cure the outbreak.

Earth Abides
During the Sewers chapter there are several notes to be found from a survivor named Ish. He is a reference to the 1949 novel Earth Abides by George R. Stewart, which tells the story of a post-apocalypse survivor named Isherwood Williams, more commonly referred to as Ish.

The Walking Dead
After exiting the sewers in Chaper Six: The Suburbs, you will find a sign that Henry will make note of. It says "Don't open, infected inside." This is a reference to the first episode of "The Walking Dead," where Rick attempts to escape the hospital but is blocked by a sign that states "Don't open, dead inside."

Eye chart
In the hospital during the final section of the game, there are eye charts on the wall. If you read them carefully, you'll see it's actually Naughy Dog giving some motivation to keep going as it reads: RUN YOU R NEARLY THERE DON'T QUIT!!

Naughty Dog series
Search the shelves in the ChooChoo Toys store to find "Jak and Daxter" and "Uncharted" board game, two other series from the developers of The Last Of Us.

During the Pittsburgh chapter you can find a poster about employee rights near the mob attack note. This poster is made by the JAK company, the phone number 1-800-555-TLOU, and the url for The Last of Us on it.

After meeting the duo of survivors after escaping the humvee during the Pittsburgh chapter, if you look in the kids/baby room of the same apartment you will find a pinata version of Jak and Daxter from Naughty Dog's previous series on PS2. In the same area, look onto the child's bed to find Nathan Drake, wise-cracking protagonist of the Uncharted series, in lovely plushy form.

Just after seeing Jak and Daxter and Nathan Drake you can spot them again in an abandoned toy store. Look closely at the shelves in the store to see both a Jak and Daxter board game and an Uncharted board game.

In one of the dorm rooms at the university you can see collectables you could come across throughout all three Uncharted games. These are difficult to spot if you aren't looking for them.

When you reach the part in chapter 5 where you, Ellie, Henry and Sam try climbing the ladder that breaks on the bus leading to the bridge, you will immediately come across an Irish Pub called "O'Sullivan's". This bar looks strangely familiar to Uncharted 3's opening bar segment. A coffee cart can be found called "Java Jak". Jack spelled "Jak" would be the main character in the Naughty Dog created Jak and Daxter games.

When you fall into the hotel basement and require a keycard to progress, notice the name of the person who previously owned the keycard. His name is "Jack Sullivinsky". Although Jack is spelled correctly, this could still be a reference from another Naughty Dog game called "Jak and Daxter". His last name could also be a reference to Victor Sullivan from the Uncharted series, as the first part of his last name is Sullivan spelled "Sullivin". He also appears to be wearing Sullivan's shirt from Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.

A Naughty Dog Logo mousepad can be seen in a kid's room on the Pittsburgh Chapter, below the room where you find the Jak and Daxter dolls.

Raja's Arcade is an arcade found in an abandoned mall in the Boston quarantine zone. It appears in issue two of The Last of Us: American Dreams. The name Raja is likely a reference to Naughty Dog's Uncharted franchise, which features characters named Eddy Raja and Rika Raja.

Tool Locations:

Tools are necessary to upgrade your weapons and to unlock the "For Emergencies Only" trophy once you upgrade every weapon. The tools have fixed locations and must be picked up in the correct order during one playthrough. They do carry over to a New Game +. Note that getting them through chapter select will not help with the upgrades or trophy:

1. Chapter 4- Bill's Town- Graveyard - Inside the cellar (first floor) of the church is a hidden armory, and Bill will give you the nail bomb. Look in the corner with the metal shelf to find the toolbox.
2. Chapter 5- Pittsburg- Alone And Forsaken - After defeating the first group of enemies in the chapter, Joel and Ellie will enter a garage by helping each other through the shutter. Immediately after entering the garage, the toolbox will be on your left, next to the smoke bomb.
3. Chapter 6- The Suburb - Sewers - After reaching the opposite side of the flooded area with the generator, follow the path. To the left will be a room with the toolbox.
4. Chapter 8- The University- Science Building - After entering the science building by moving the dumpster, you will be in a room adjacent to a lab with a workbench inside. The next laboratory leads out to where you will meet back up with Ellie. You will then reach a long hallway. At the end of the hall is a locked door on the right. Open it using a shiv to find the toolbox on the work table.
5. Chapter 10- Bus Depot- Highway Exit - When you enter the Triage area with all the tents, go to the large tent on the left side of this area. Enter the largest tent to find the toolbox on the right.

Infinite Shiv glitch:

To duplicate shiv materials at any time, first pick up the upgraded melee weapon at the start of Bill's Town. (The weapon is found on the roof of the small building near the wooden plank just before you enter the town.) This weapon lets you craft upgraded melee weapons and the glitch can only be done AFTER you acquire this weapon. To duplicate shiv materials, simply equip an upgraded melee weapon and then swap it with another melee weapon that you find in the environment (bat, lead pipe, 2x4, axe or machete). If you then swap and re-acquire the upgraded melee weapon, your shiv materials will be replenished plus you will still have your upgraded melee weapon. This glitch is very helpful if you are running low on materials and require a shiv for combat or to open a locked shiv door.

Infinite blades:
When you have a modified pipe but you're running low on blades and the like, try doing the following. First, stand over a regular pipe and then switch between that pipe and the modified one in your possession. Once done, switch back again. You should now have another blade in your inventory. You can repeat the process until your inventory is full of shivs, nail bombs, and modified weapons.

New Game + Difficulties:
Complete the game to unlock New Game+ mode, which allows you to play the game again with all your stats, collectibles, weapon upgrades, and crafting levels. Note: The difficulty used in your original playthrough will determine which difficulties are available in New Game + mode.Unlock the following New Game + difficulty by performing the corresponding tasks:

Easy + - Complete game on Easy or higher difficulty
Hard + - Complete game on Hard or higher difficulty
Normal + - Complete game on Normal or higher difficulty
Survivor + - Complete game on Survivor difficulty


Bronze trophies
Endure and Survive - Collect all comics.
I got this - Find all training manuals.
Let's gear up - Craft every item.
Master of Unlocking - Unlock all shiv doors.
No Matter What - Easy - Complete the game on Easy.
Populace - Build your clan to 40 people in Factions.

Silver trophies
Look for the Light - Find all Firefly Pendants.
It was all just lying there - Find all artifacts.
I want to talk about it - Engage in all optional conversations.
No Matter What- Normal - Complete the game on Normal.
No Matter What- Hard - Complete the game on Hard.
The Last of Us- Easy + - Complete the game on Easy +.
The Last of Us- Normal + - Complete the game on Normal +.
The Last of Us- Hard + - Complete the game on Hard +.
Everything we've been through - Fully upgrade Joel with supplements.

Gold trophies
Scavenger - Found all collectibles.
For emergencies only - Fully upgrade all weapons.
No Matter What- Survivor - Complete the game on Survivor.
The Last of Us: Survivor + - Complete the game on Survivor +.
Knowing the Basics - Win a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in find match.
Firefly - Complete the Firefly Journey.
Hunter - Complete the Hunter Journey.
That's all I got - Survive all of Ellie's jokes

Platinum trophy
It can't be for nothing - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

Abandoned Territories - Trophies:

Bronze trophies
Forsaken Interrogator - Complete a game of Interrogation on Bookstore, Home Town, Suburbs or Bus Depot
Forsaken Supply Raider - Complete a game of Supply Raid on Bookstore, Home Town, Suburbs or Bus Depot
Forsaken Survivalist - Complete a game of Survivors on Bookstore, Home Town, Suburbs or Bus Depot

Silver trophies
Bookstore - Complete a match on Bookstore without dying and getting at least 3 downs or executions
Bus Depot - Complete a match on Bus Depot without dying and getting at least 3 downs or executions
Home Town - Complete a match on Home Town without dying and getting at least 3 downs or executions
Suburbs - Complete a match on Suburbs without dying and getting at least 3 downs or executions

Grounded Mode - Trophies:

Gold trophies
Completed Grounded Mode - Completed Grounded Mode
Completed Grounded Mode Plus - Completed Grounded Mode Plus

Reclaimed Territories - Trophies:

Bronze trophies
Recovered Interrogator - Complete a game of Interrogation on Wharf, Capitol, Water Tower or Coal Mine
Recovered Supply Raider - Complete a game of Supply Raid on Wharf, Capitol, Water Tower or Coal Mine
Recovered Survivalist - Complete a game of Survivors on Wharf, Capitol, Water Tower or Coal Mine

Silver trophies
Capitol - Complete a match on Capitol without dying and getting at least 3 downs or executions - Silver
Coal Mine - Complete a match on Coal Mine without dying and getting at least 3 downs or executions - Silver
Water Tower - Complete a match on Water Tower without dying and getting at least 3 downs or executions - Silver
Wharf - Complete a match on Wharf without dying and getting at least 3 downs or executions

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