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The Elder Scrolls 4: Shivering Isles PS3 Cheats

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Duplicate items glitch:
Get two or more of the same magic scrolls and press X on them twice. Go to whichever item you want to duplicate and drop it. You must have one of the items on you for it to work.

Evidence chest location:
In Shivering Isles, south of Madgod's Beet, is a cave called Corpserot passage. At the very beginning of the cave is the Evidence Chest in both Mania and Dementia.

Free deadric at all levels:
Get all bound armor spells and use the duplication glitch. Summon the bound armor on your body. Get attacked by an animal and kill it. Repair the bound deadric and you can then drop it. When the spells wear off collect the armor. The deadric armor will weigh nothing. This also works with bound weapons.

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