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Test Yourself: Psychology PS3 Cheats

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Bronze trophies
Nerves of Steel - Get your characteristic in Nervous System section.
Brain Maniac - Get your characteristic in Intelligence section.
Nice Start - Complete any test.
Quick learner - Improve any testís result 10 times in a row throughout the day (in single player Training Mode).
Kamikaze - Outlast for less than 3.1 seconds in Brownian single player game.

Silver trophies

True friend - Describe yourself in social test so that your assessment matches your friendís opinion.
Self-known - Request at least 10 assessments from your friends in social test.
Racer - Outlast at least for 20 seconds in Brownian single player game.
Solved in 300 seconds - Complete the Intelligence test in 300 seconds without mistakes.
Iron Finger - More than 500 hits in a Tapping test in one single player game.

Gold trophies
Psychologist - Assess 10 friends in social test.

"Memory" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Total Recall - Get your characteristic in Memory section.
The Adventures of the Dancing Men - Memorize 50 icons in a single walkthrough in single player Express Memory test.

Silver trophies

Lord of the Flies - Complete 8 mazes in a row without losing a life in single player game.

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