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Jinpachi's alternate forms:
Unlock the following forms of Jinpachi by beating Arcade mode and pressing the corresponding buttons when selecting him:

Original Tekken 5 Demon form - O + X
Dark Resurrection Fiery Demon form - Square
Human form - Triangle

Yoshimitsu's alternate forms:
Unlock the following alternate forms of Yoshimitsu by pressing the corresponding buttons while selecting him:

Normal form - X + O
Dark Ninja form - Square
Purple Skinned Ninja form - Triangle

All stages in vs. mode:
To unlock all stages in vs. mode, Beat arcade mode 3 times.

Unlock Panda:
To unlock Panda, press Circle at the selection screen.

Mokujin's wood sound:

Highlight Mokujin at the character selection screen, then select him while and hold DOWN. Release DOWN when the "Fight" screen appears. Each time your opponent lands a successful hit on Mokujin, you will hear a wooden sound.

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