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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows PS3 Cheats

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Mirage-style bandanas:
During game play, hold R2 and press TRIANGLE, X, CIRCLE(2), X, TRIANGLE, X, CIRCLE(2), X . The auto save icon will appear at the bottom-left corner to confirm correct code entry. Press TRIANGLE to toggle the headbands when selecting a character.


Bronze trophies
The Sword is Mightier - KO 100 enemies with Leo.
Do Not Pass Bo - KO 100 enemies with Don.
Chuck it Out! - KO 100 enemies with Mikey.
Sai-onara - KO 100 enemies with Raph.
Stickin it to 'em - KO 25 enemies with a Special Attack.
Done and Done - Perform a double counter 25 times.
Mad Skillz - Perform a special counter 25 times
All For One - Perform a team attack 50 times.
Shell Yeah! - Perform a 4 turtle TPKO.
Classic Mode - Unlock Classic Mode.

Silver trophies
Lean, Green, Fighting Machine - Max out Leo's special weapon rank.
Wind Walker - Shoulder run off 100 enemies with Leo.
Teched Out - Max out Don's special weapon rank.
Strong Kata - Hit 25 enemies with Don's special pose attack.
Maxin' Out! - Max out Mikey's special weapon rank.
I Got Moves - Special taunt 100 times with Mikey.
Turtle with Iron Fist - Max out Raph's special weapon rank.
Uncle! - Tapout 25 enemies with Raph.
Turtle Power - Perform a TPKO on 100 enemies.
Shell Shock - Perform a Shell Shock 100 times.
Ninjutsu Power - Perform a stealth KO 25 times.
Epic Combo - Perform 12 attack variations in one combo.
Black and Blue Dragons - Complete Chapter 1.
Mouser Mayhem - Complete Chapter 2.
Stinking Foot - Complete Chapter 3.

Gold trophies
Splinter Is Proud - Perform a 99-hit combo.
Hero in a Half Shell - Complete all challenges.
Extra Anchovies - Complete round 20 in Survival Mode.
Old School - Complete the Arcade Mode.
Shredhead - Complete Chapter 4.

Platinum trophy
Out of the Shadows - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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