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Bronze trophies
Been There, Done That... - Complete a race on every track of the game.
Not a rookie anymore - Complete a Single Player Championship.
Almost There - Win a Single Player Race on Hard Difficulty.
I did it for Race 2 - Arrive 8th in Race 1.
King for a Day - Gain 43 points in a single Championship weekend.
A step forward - Win a Single Player Race on Medium Difficulty.
Introduce yourself - Win the first race in a Single Player Championship.
New Furniture - Unlock a prize in the Pit.
Four Circles - Win a Race with the Audi RS4.
Direct confrontation - Win an Online Quick Race.
Roaring victory - Win a Race with the Jaguar.
Delayed confrontation - Win an Online Time Attack race.
First Lesson - Take your first Licences exam.
Back to school - Complete Driving School.
The strongest rookie ever - Win a wet Race at Imola with Martini.
When I kissed the teacher - Complete the Racing School.
Silver Arrow - Win a Race with the Mercedes C63 AMG.
Lazy Mechanic - Complete at least a lap using every in-game preset.
Bonus Point - Achieve the fastest lap in a Single Player Championship race.
Welcome - Finish a Race.

Silver trophies
Album of the year - Unlock all the pictures in the pit.
New Champion - Win your first Single Player Championship.
Algarve Aquapark - Win a Single Player wet race at Portim?on at least Hard Difficulty.
Bad Setting, good driver - Win a race on Monza setting your wings at maximum inclination.
School's out for summer - Complete Driving Academy.
Enduring confrontation - Win an Online Championship.
Graduation Day - Complete Racing Academy.
Anticlockwise - Win at Adria, Kyalami and Imola in the same Single Player Championship.
Moonwalking - Win a race crossing the line in Reverse.
Clockwise - Win at Portim? Vallelunga, Mugello, Monza and Magione in the same Single Player Championship.

Gold trophies
Legendary Champion - Win a Single Player Championship at Legend Difficulty.
Collector - Unlock all the objects in the Pit.
Always in front - Achieve a Pole Position in every race of a championship.
We don't need no education - Complete all Licenses with an 'S' evaluation.
Superhuman Collector - Unlock every unlockable item in the game.

Platinum trophy
Superstars Hero - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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