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More Options:
Press A + START at the Title screen and a new menu should appear with many new options.

Start Arcade Mode with $10K:
At the main menu, highlight Arcade Mode and then enter the following code: UP, LEFT, A, B, START.

Level Passwords:
Access the following levels in SHO's career mode by entering the corresponding passwords:

Level 1 - 0FF3F546F30504 FFOSLPIMFJPGNU
Level 2 - 0FF3F546F30514 FFOSLPIMFJHSSU
Level 3 - 0FF3F546F30524 FFOSLPIMFJPOFT
Level 4 - 0FF3F546F30534 FFOSLPIMFJHKKT
Level 5 - 0FF3F546F30544 FFOSLPIMFJQFNW
Level 6 - 0FF3F546F30554 FFOSLPIMFJIRSW
Level 7 last level - 0FF3F546F30564 FFOSLPIMFJQNFV


Bronze trophies
Eat My Dust - Pass 100 rival riders.
I Meant To Do That... - Crash 10 times.
Melodies of the Wind - Listen to all 4 songs.
One With The Wind - Hit 324km/h using turbo.
Totally Radical! - Ride for 10 seconds on turbo.
So Close - Run out of time just before a checkpoint.
The Kiss of Fate - Cross the checkpoint with 1 second left.
Unforgettable Name - Fill a track ranking with a single name.
Thank You! Thank You! - Crash your way through a checkpoint.

Silver trophies
In Control - Ride for 1 minute without hitting anything.
Always Full Throttle - Ride for 1 minute without braking.

Gold trophies
The Goal Is Just the Beginning - Finish a course.

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