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Bronze trophies
A Bridge Not Too Far - Secure all 3 bridges in mission 7: unfair surprise.
Appetite for Destruction - Destroy 77 units using the stalker's SAMs.
Calling all Units - Recruit one of every unit type in any game mode.
Clean Sweep - Destroy all hiding sai insurgents in the tutorial.
Demolisher - Destroy 55 control nodes with the demo bomb ability.
Demoralizer - Destroy 11 enemy units in the first 5 minutes of a ranked match.
Evacuation - Rescue vantage in mission 6: innocent victim.
False Sense of Security - Attack 24 cloaked spectres while using the infiltrator's thermal vision.
Feeding the Habit - Play 16 ranked matches.
First Assault - Complete mission 1: domestic disturbance.
First Down and Ten - Win a ranked match in under 10 minutes.
Fur Coat - Defeat sable in mission 9: shock verdict.
Gone Shopping - Lose a multiplayer match while the deployment queue is open.
H.Y.D.R.A. - Defeat the hydra in mission 4: multiple counts.
Hammer Time - Take out the arc-hammers in mission 5: self defense.
In Pursuit - Secure the AA turrets in mission 11: hot pursuit.
In Transit - Secure the control node powering the turrets in mission 2: assault charge.
Maximum Firepower - Upgrade a control node to have level 3 turrets (multiplayer or skirmish).
Pest Control - Kill 80 broodlings.
Playing Both Sides - Win 8 ranked matches with each faction.
Power Up - Secure all 3 power junctions in mission 8: reasonable doubt.
Puppet Master - Destroy an enemy unit with one you have mind-controlled.
Qualify for Duty - Complete the tutorial.
Reverse Polarity - Recalibrate the airfield station in mission 12: natural justice.
Rite of Passage - Rescue eona in mission 10: prison break.
Scrap Metal - Destroy 27 stalkers.
Slice and Dice - Use the spectre's rapid slice ability to kill an enemy commander (multiplayer or skirmish).
Spray and Pray - Use the matriarch's acid rain ability.
Telepathic - Establish a portal in mission 3: double jeopardy.
Totaled Eclipse - Destroy 9 eclipses.
Ulterior Motives - Use the playbook to switch weapons.
Unleashed - Use the rage smash ability.
Whip it Good - Whip 250 times during any map or match.

Silver trophies
Decked Out - Win 10 ranked matches fully equipped.
Epic Campaign - Complete story mode on easy or normal.
Eradicator - Beat the AI on all skirmish maps.
The Other Path - Complete act 2 of story mode .
The Other Side - Complete act 1 of story mode.
Veteran's Affair - Win 99 ranked matches.
Winning Streak - Win 6 consecutive ranked matches.

Gold trophies
Epic Saga - Complete story mode on hard.
Formidable - Destroy 500 units.
Full Repertoire - Use all unit abilities.

Platinum trophy
Platinum - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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