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Alternate Endings:
Unlock the following alternate endings by performing the corresponding tasks in the last mission:

Ending A - NSA trust above 33%, and save at least two of the three targets.
Ending B - NSA trust below 33%, and save all three targets. Or destroy two of the three targets, and NSA trust above 33%.
Ending C - Destroy all three targets. Or Destroy two of the targets, and NSA trust below 33%.

Elite difficulty:
To unlock Elite difficulty, beat Solo mode on any difficulty setting.

Extended time in Kinshasa level:
When you are supposed to snipe Hamza Hishima, do not kill him. Instead, wait until the crane you are on falls down. Emile will yell at you for not killing Hamza. Your character will turn off his radio and the level will be extended by several minutes.

Unlockable Equipment:
Unlock the following bonus equipment by performing the corresponding tasks in Solo mode:

Electric Lock Pick - Primary objectives in JBA HQ 1.
EMP Device - Enhanced - Primary objectives in JBA HQ 1.
EMP Grenade - Secondary objectives in the iceland assignment.
EMP Grenade - Attachment - Secondary objectives in the cozumel assignment.
Explosive Sticky Camera-Attachment - Secondary objectives in the iceland assignment.
Frag Grenade - Attachment - Primary objectives in JBA HQ 3.
Gas Grenade - Primary objectives in JBA HQ 1.
Gas Grenade - Attachment - Secondary objectives in the cozumel assignment.
Hacking Device - Force Hack Upgrade - Primary objectives in JBA HQ 2.
Hacking Device - Software Upgrade - Secondary objectives in the shanghai assignment.
Night Vision - Enhanced - Primary objectives in JBA HQ 3.
Shotgun Shell - Attachment - Secondary objectives in the okhotsk assignment.
Smoke Grenade - Attachment - Secondary objectives in the shanghai assignment.
Sonic Grenade - Attachment - Primary objectives in JBA HQ 2.
Ultrasonic emitter - Secondary objectives in the ellsworth assignment.
Wall Mine - Flash - Secondary objectives in the okhotsk assignment.
Wall Mine-stun - Secondary objectives in the ellsworth assignment.

Unlockable "Multiplayer" Skins:
Unlock the following skins by performing the corresponding tasks in Multiplayer mode:

Spy: 2nd skin - Achieve recruit level.
Spy: 3rd skin - Achieve special agent level with general average higher than 45%.
Uspilon Forces: 2nd skin - Achieve field agent level with a general average higher than 20%.
Uspilon Forces: 3rd skin - Achieve commander level with a general average higher than 95%.

Extra mission:
To unlock a bonus mission, wait after the credits on any type of ending, or complete the game with the best or worst ending.

Get back to cell on "Ellsworth Penitentiary":
After sneaking out of your cell by crawling under the bed and getting the walkie-talkie, you must get back under the time limit. When you are up on the grating, drop off instead of taking the pipe down to knock out a guard. Then, return to your cell. The grating is the only way down.

Enrica ends mission on "JBA HQ Part 2":
On the "JBA HQ Part 2" mission there are a certain number of optional objectives, one of which is to gather information from Emile's safe. If you do this successfully you must leave his office. The only ways out of his office are through the door or into the courtyard. The problem with the courtyard is that there is only one way to get back into the headquarters, through Enrica's window. Before you enter the room, check the map. Enrica will be in her lab working on the other end of the complex. However as soon as you choose to enter her room through the bathroom window, she will instantly appear in the doorway and attempt to scold Fisher. Fisher then proceeds to make a move on her and she lets him off with a warning "Next time, bring flowers", ending the mission.

Secret tool on "Kinshasa":
At the start of the mission you must go up an elevator to reach a checkpoint. Kill the guards in this room. Take off your sunglasses if you wearing them. When you walk in the next room, the sun will be shining in your eyes. Flip your glasses down and you can see guards shooting out the windows you were looking at. Go to the right as soon as you walk in. Try not to draw too much attention. If you keep going to the right you will hit a window. An icon should appear at the bottom of the screen, indicating that you can use something. Press X and Sam will get out a small black tool, and use it to cut a circle in the window. If you push forward on the window, Sam will put his legs through and squeeze through the hole so that he is now outside.

Bomb defusing on " Okhotsk, Russia Part 2":
In Mission 6: Okhotsk, Russia Part 2, after talking with the Captain and he reveals that he has rigged the bombs to go off, Emile Dufraisne will tell you that they are in the machine room. Go through the crawl space and down the ladder. Once you are in the machine room, disrupt the light near to the ladder with your OPC and the camera that you will find nearby. Then, go to the first bomb on the same level as you are on. You can defuse them by cutting the wires in a particular order. The wire you have selected for cutting will be highlighted in green You will know which wire to cut by a short vibration in the controller. When you select the wire the Captain will tell you now have three minutes. The rest of the bombs are located on the machine towers and one is upstairs roughly opposite the first bomb. Note: There are three guards in the room.

Disposing Hisham's body:
When killing Hisham, wait until he is down in the parking space. Kill him and pick up his body. Walk to the back of the red car and put him in the back. Press [Place Charge] and stand back. Detonate it and the "Opportunity Objective complete - Dispose of Hisham's body" will appear.

Emile strategy:
To defeat Emile, have a flash and frag grenade with full health. There is a lifebox near the door outside of Emile on the right wall. Go outside to Emile and an intermission sequence begins. After it is over, on your left shoudl be a laser beam. Wait for it to go off. After Emile is done shooting, roll to the next chair or bench, and wait until he is finished shooting again. Continue doing this and go up to the fence, and jump onto it. Go down from it and you now must take Emile out. Walk away for a few seconds, and use the flash grenade on Emile. After dropping it, use your frag grenade on him. Emile will not see you drop it and you will kill him. Then, read the computer to defuse the bomb.

Unlock all multiplayer maps:
Win six games as a Spy, six games as a UPSILON Force member, and play a total of 25 games.

Strange corpse glitch on  Shanghai Hotel":

When attempting to get to the safe in the meeting, after you pass the room with the man in the bathroom, hide behind the bar. Wait for someone to come through the door and sit down in the chair, then take aim and shoot him in the face. The body will glitch; his knees will be in the floor and he will be standing perfectly straight but inside the chair.

Ghost guards on  Shanghai Hotel":
After landing the helicopter and it says "Checkpoint", you will see a guard on the ledge above the double doors Moss and Emile went through. Run quickly to the ledge and press X to jump and grab onto it. Move to the correct position so that you can pull the guard off. Do so and when it happens, shoot out the light. Two guards will appear from the right. On the right of the double doors is a metal object. Crouch and run over to it. Put your back against it, then peek around the corner and one guard should be moving towards you. When he gets close, the "Grab" icon will appear. Grab him and, instead of Sam holding him, the guard's head will be by Sam's knees. His legs will appear strange and it looks like Sam is holding a ghost. Note: If the guard does not approach you, whistle until he does.

Walking on air glitch on "USS Wisdom":
To get into the spy base by walking through air, go to the door ahead of you when you start in your base as a Upsilon Force member. Then, walk down the stairs and go straight ahead. Go over to the box on the right side of the boat and stay at the very top of the boat. Start jumping and have one of your friends push you up onto the box, then walk to your right and keep moving. You will now see a yellow line. Stand on it and walk straight ahead to walk through the air. Walk slowly because you will fall off if you walk fast or run. Slowly walk onto the edge of the ship that is directly in front of you, then walk over to the point of the ship where the spies start and drop down. You will be in the spy base as a merc.

Jamie Washinton corpse:
On the final mission when you must choose to shoot Jamie or Lambert, shoot Jamie. Open the door and move Jamie's body in between it. Have half of his body in the room and the other part outside it. Face his body so that his upper half is sticking outside, then run outside and hide in the dark. Watch his body. The door will try to close twice, then it will just close through his body. If you see the trail of blood on the floor, which is really Lambert's when he was dragged in here, it will look as though Jamie was dragged in here, tortured, then had the door slammed through his body. When the JBA guards come over they will act strangely. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Moss passes through Sam glitch:

On the bonus mission, sneak up on Moss and press Stab to have him turn around and fight Sam. At the same time Moss will go through Sam.

Enrica Valablanca passes through bed glitch:
On the final mission, make sure you did not let Emile kill Enrica earlier. On this mission you must go down a elevator to stop the bomb, before you meet Enrica who opens the door for you. When she does that she will start walking off. Follow her and kill her in the first room you come to on the left. This room is Enrica's. Go inside while carrying her body and drop it by pressing TRIANGLE on the sofa next to the bed. If it did not land on the sofa and stays there, keep trying. Jump up on the sofa or find a way onto it and pick up her body. Walk over on to her bed and press A to lay her body down. Her body will go through the bed.

Sleeping Emile Dufraine glitch:

On the JBA Headquarters Part 2 level, go into Emile's room and start hacking the safe by his desk. Emile will start talking to someone from the doorway. Hide into the wardrobe. After they are done talking, whistle at Emile. As you whistle, move closer to his bedroom. Lead him inside, then hide under the bed. If done correctly, Emile will go to bed and sleep like a ghost. He will make no breathing sounds, will not put the bed cover over him, and has one hand on his heart. Note: This might require several attempts.

Dead Lambert talks glitch:
When you have a choice to shoot Lambert, aim for his head, eye, mouth, nose, or anywhere else above his shoulders. Somehow after he hits the ground, he will still talk.

Extra grenades hint:

As a Mercenary in multiplayer, go to the ammo crate with a full set of grenades. Hold X and launch three grenades, then release X. You will automatically have three more grenades (and drones if you did not have any to start with).

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