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Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Special mask for Rick - Complete the game.
Survival arenas - Complete the game.
Original Splatterhouse - Compelte Phases 1 through 2.
Splatterhouse 2 - Complete Phases 1 through 4.
Splatterhouse 3 - Complete Phases 1 through 8.
Brutal difficulty - Complete Story mode under any difficulty setting.

Secret missions in Survival mode:
Unlock secret missions in Survival mode by performing the following tasks:

1. Take no damage for 1 minute.
2. Take no damage for 2 minutes.
3. Get 5 splatter kills.
4. Get 20 splatter kills.
5. Kill 25 enemies in Berserk mode.
6. Kill 50 enemies in Berserk mode.
7. Step on 20 Boreworms.
8. Step on 50 Boreworms.
9. Kill 10 enemies with body parts.
10. Kill 25 enemies with body parts.

Extra weapons in Survival mode:
Complete the secret missions in any Survival mode arena to get bonusweapons for use in that arena.


Bronze trophies
The Berserker - Complete Phase 2: The Doll that Bled.
Be Garbage of Cesspool - Complete Phase 4: The Meat Factory.
Experiement 765 - Complete Phase 6: Beast with a Human Heart.
Death Came Ripping - Kill an enemy with a Splatter Slash.
Razor of Hell - Get 100 kills with Splatter Slash.
Must Kill - Kill an enemy with Splatter Smash.
Downpour of Blood - Get 100 kills with Splatter Smash.
Flash Re-animation! - Regenerate with Splatter Siphon.
One Who Slays - Get 300 kills in Berserker Mode.
Heavy Frikkin' Metal! - Get 50 kills with non-fleshy weapons.
See you at the Party - Kill an enemy with an enemy's arm.
None More Dead - Get 150 kills with enemy arms.
Tongue in Cheek - Kill an enemy with an enemy's head.
Head on Arrival - Get 50 kills with enemy heads.
You Got Red on You - Splat an enemy on a wall with a weapon.
Blood and Lightning - Splat 100 enemies on a wall with a weapon.
The Business of Killing - Perform a Splatterkill.
South of Hell - Perform 75 Splatterkills.
Morbid Dismemberment - Kill an enemy with your own dismembered arm.
Brain Dead - Tackle an enemy and pummel it 20 times.
Bad Taste - Impale an enemy on a spike.
Army of Dead Evil - Kill 6 enemies within one second.
Headlong into Monsters - Kil 6 enemies in one ram attack.
POW! - Launch an enemy straight up with 'No Head Room'.
Barrels of Blood - Get 2000 or more BLOOD Points in one chain of attacks.
Audiophile - Listen to all of Dr. West's gramophone records.
Boreworm Massacre - Stomp on 100 Boreworms.
Killer of Killers - Get an S-Rank in Survival Arena mode.
Anvil Horror - Get three S-ranks in Survival Arena mode.
Dead on the Rise - Accomplish 5 Secret Missions in a single Survival Arena attempt.
Too much Horror business - Accomplish all 10 Secret Missions in a single Survival Arena attempt.
Hunger Pangs - Purchase a skill.
Blood Lust - Unlock 25 skills.
Call of the Thule - Unlock 5% of Dr. West's journal.
Nightmare in Arkham - Unlock 25% of Dr. West's journal.
Lovecraft Baby - Unlock 50% of Dr. West's journal.
Jen Smells of Rot...of the Grave - Re-assemble one of Jen's sexy photos.
Creepy Show - Re-assemble 8 of Jen's photos.

Silver trophies
Shattered Narcissus - Complete Phase 8: Reflections in Blood.
Pyre for the Damned - Complete Phase 10: The Wicker Bride.
Bride of the Corrupted - Complete the game on any difficulty.
I Walk with Death - Complete the game on 'Savage' difficulty (or harder).
Triumph of Iron - Get 500 kills with non-fleshy weapons.
The Blackest of Sundays - Splat 200 enemies on a wall with a weapon.
Vigorous Vengeance - Perform 150 Splatterkills.
Jason Schmason - Get six S-Ranks in Survival Arena mode.
Lust for After Life - Unlock all skills.
Happy Ending? - Re-assemble all of Jen's photos.

Gold trophies
Dreams of the Dead - Complete the game on 'Brutal' Difficulty.
The House that West Built - Unlock all pages of Dr. West's journal.

Platinum trophy
Make the Voices Stop - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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