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Cheat Codes:
Press Start, select "Options" > "Extras" > "Enter Cheat Code". Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat:

Mini-Skater mode -"miniskaters"
Zombie mode - "zombie". In this mode, the screen will turn yellow and pedestrians will chase you.
Hoverboard mode - "mcfly". In this mode, trucks and wheels disappear from your board.
Reset all objects to their original positions - "streetsweeper"
Play as Isaac from Dead Space - "deadspacetoo"
Miracle Whip clothes and objects - "dontbesomayo"

Meat Man & Dem Bones:
To unlock Meat Man & Dem Bones, complete all Hall Of Meat challenges.

Unlockable Locations:
Unlock the following locations by performing the corresponding tasks:

Art Gallery - Complete the "Follow Me" challenge with "The Artist".
DIY Skatepark - Complete the "Race to Slappy's" Deathrace challenge.
Matrix Plaza Elevator - Complete the "Rob and Big" Pro Challenge after the "Duffy Double-Kink" Pro Challenge.
Mega Compound - Get the cover of Thrasher magazine.
PJ's Mansion - Complete the challenge at PJ Ladd's mansion (unlocked when the sixth coverage bar for Skateboarding Magazine is almost full).
Plan B Skatepark - Complete the "Gallant Step Up" Pro Challenge.
X-Games Arena - Get the cover of Skateboarding Magazine.

Super Jump glitch:
You can launch your character close to 40 feet in the air with this trick. You must be using Goofy Stance, where your feet face the left side of the screen. It is easier to perform on easy difficulty. You must be on flat ground. Perform an Front-Side 360 pop Shuvit, while in the air tap R2 or L2, and before you hit the ground hit the TRIANGLE button. If performed correctly your character should launch high into the air.

Hand plant auto bail glitch:
When approaching a hand plant-able ledge, start holding R1 about four or five seconds before you hit it. About two seconds before you hand plant, hold X + SQUARE. As-soon as you can hand plant, you will come off your board. and usually get thrown off a bit and do some extra bail damage.


Bronze trophies
Park Apprentice - Complete the skate.Park tutorials.
Takin 'em to the limit - Get the terrain meter in the red for your own skate.Park.
Constructive Criticism - Rate 5 skate.Parks, 5 Films, and 5 Photos.
Artsy Fartsy - Upload 5 Films and 5 Photos, and 3 skate.Parks.
Sellout! - Create a Logo and put it on your Skater.
Objectifier - 3 Moveable objects used in a single sequence.
Mantastic Voyage - 3 manuals in a single sequence.
Don't be so Mayo - Land a Miracle Whip (Superdude body flip).
100% Pure Adrenaline - Fly Spread Eagle for 10 seconds.
Employee #3 - Earn your second career teammate.
Party at the Penthouse - Win both Maloof Money Cup contests.
T-Mobilized - Win the T-Mobile sponsored contest.
Employee #2 - Earn your first career teammate.
Beast Unleashed - Win the Monster contest.
GVR Champ - Win the Goofy vs. Regular contest.
Making a Buddy Call - Call a Skater to come skate with you.
Talking bout Team practice - Play in a 6-player Team Freeskate session.
You're Winner! - Win a Ranked Online Solo Challenge.
Co-Operator - Complete an Online Career challenge.
Throw Down - Win a Ranked Online Team Challenge.
Team Up - Be part of a team with two or more skaters.
Lot Pwners - Win a Ranked Team Own The Lot.
Speed Demon - Win the final deathrace.
In Stereo - Complete Coach Frank's skate.School Tutorials.
Masochist - Beat the 'Thorax Crunch' Hall of Meat Challenge.
All your base are belong to you - Unlock the Team HQ.
Employee #1 - Start your team.
Big-Footy - Beat the film ender.
The Consumate Pro - Complete all pro challenges.
King of Kings - Win the sreet and tranny ender contests.
Sexiest Skater Alive - Get the covers of Skateboard Mag and Thrasher.
Overexposed - Complete all Promotional Films and Photos.
Employee #4 - Earn your third career teammate.
Trick Spammer - 30,000 point line.
Blaow! - 10,000 point trick.
Did Somebody Get a Boo Boo? - 75,000 point bail.
Extreme Grindage - Perform a 100 meter or 300 foot grind.
Gone Viral - Catch the Skate Flu.

Silver trophies
It takes a really big village... - Reach community board sales target.
High Five! - Win any 5 Ranked Challenges.
Is that all you got? - Own all challenges.
Spot Monopolist - Own all of the spots.
A Dynasty Is Born - Fully staffed your team.
Mass Murderer - Kill 80 challenges.
Lot Monopolist - Own all of the lots.

Gold trophies

Dedicated - Everything beaten, everything unlocked, everything earned.
Deck Peddler - 1 Million boards sold.

Platinum trophy

Platinum Trophy - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

"Maloof Money Cup" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Picture Worth a Thousand Curbs - Complete both Maloof NY Photo Challenges.
Where's My Money? - Complete both Maloof NY OTS Challenges.

Silver trophies

Maloof Street Slayer - Complete the Maloof NY Street OTL.
Maloof Tranny Monster - Complete the Maloof NY Tranny OTL .

Gold trophies
Money Cup Master - Win the Maloof NY Contest.

"Danny Way's Hawaiian Dream" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Danny's Demo Machine - Complete both demos.
The Ownly Way - Complete both Danny Way OTS Challenges.

Silver trophies
Argh! Flying Monkies! - Complete the "Jungle Step" and "Danny's Mega Gaps" Challenges.
King of the Jungle - Complete the Danny Way Tranny Path.
Lei it on the Line - Complete the "Touch and Go" and "Gazebo Film" Challenges.
Master of Mega Gnar - Beat Danny Way in the Final Contest.
Street Locals Only - Complete the Danny Way Street Path.

"Party Play" trophies:

Bronze trophies
2 Wheel Rainbow - Complete the 'Over the Rainbow' Photo Challenge.
Flippin' Loopy - Complete 'The Corkscrew' Photo Challenge.
Modern Major-Manual - Complete the 'Modern Manual' Photo Challenge.
OG ABD - Complete the 'Gallery Gap Line' Film Challenge.
Slow and Steady - Complete 'The Art of Rail' Film Challenge.
Stair Maestro - Complete 'The Quintessential Stair' Film Challenge.

Silver trophies
Bump and Grind - Complete the 'Bump Riser' OTS Challenge.
I Own all the Classics - Complete the 'Twin Spires' OTS Challenge.
Marrafanator - Complete the 'Marraffa's Skatepark' OTL Challenge.

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