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Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at "Main Menu" > "Extras" > "Enter Code":

3D Mode(when viewed with red & blue 3D glasses) - strangleloops
Big Black - letsdowork
Disable NPC trash talking(career mode) - bailymcbailster

Dem Bonez:
To unlock Dem Bonez, complete all Hall of Meat objectives in Career mode.

Unlockable Crowns:
Unlock the following crowns by performing the corresponding tasks:

King of the Mountain Crown - Beat all career mode races.
Legend Crown - Reach Legend level online.

Unlockable Areas:
Unlock the following areas by performing the corresponding tasks:

Etnies GvR Plaza - Complete all Street Challenges.
Monster Skate Park - Get Sponsored and complete the Team Film challenges to get a demo session with Rob Drydek. After completing the demo session it can be purchased for $200,000.
S.V. Dam - Complete all the Thrasher Mag challenges.
S.V. Mega Ramp Stadium - Complete all Tranny contests.
S.V. Summit - Complete all the Death Races.
Training Park - Complete all Team Film challenges.

Reg's mini-ramp:
To unlock Reg's mini-ramp, complete all Thrasher and Skateboard Magazine challenges, all Death Races, and all Demo, Street, and Tranny contests. Slappy will then give you the keys to the mini-ramp. It it located near the start of the game, behind the drop into the park.

Pool locations:
Pools can be found at the following letter/number markings on the map:

Community pool - Left of E and 3
Do-Drop Inn pool - Middle of E-F and below 3
G.E.D. High pool - To the right of E and 4
Old pool - D and above 4
Party pool - E and middle of 3-4
Poop Deck pool - D 8
Think Pink pool - Middle of C-D and middle of 3-4

Spot Locations:
Find the following spots near the corresponding letter/number markings on the map:

Rock The Gap - Middle of B-C and below 4
No Need For Speed - Middle of B-C and below 4
Mini-Mega Redux - Left of E and 4
Lilypads - Left of D and below 7
Thrice the Hubba - Left of E and 5
The Wall - Middle of D-E and 3
Off Street - Left of E and middle of 6-7
Books - Right of E and middle of 4-5
Glass Awning - Right of B and 5
By The Bridge - Middle of D-E and 6
Alphabet - Left of E and middle of 4-5
Razor's Edge - Left of C and middle of 6-7
Swiss Cheese Moon - Middle of C-D and 8
Welcome Hut - Right of B and 4
Poop Deck Pool - D 8
Bus Stop - Right of C and below 4
Winged Bench - Left of C and above 5
Manny Hop Set - Left of C and above 8
The Statue - Right of A and middle of 6-7
Urban Curves - Right of E and below 3
Getting Technical - E and above 7
Stink Pit - Middle of A-B and 5

Easy money hints:
-To easily gain money, go through the Thrasher magazine challenges until you unlock the pros and get a board sponsor increase your earnings on most events. To make the most use of this, place a maximum bet on the death races. If you fail, restart and try again.

-To easily gain money in Career mode, press the Start button, then go to "Hall Of Meat". There will be four groups of challenges. Select the first; it is based on points. Read the challenges and execute them until you have 15/15 completed for the first group. Then, go to a high place like S.V. Dam or Big Spill and do any glitch. If you get over 55,000 points you will get 10,000 dollars. Repeat as desired.

"Alien Manual Shop" Pro challenge hint:
Step off your board and hop on the first planter, then run across the planter and jump up the step. Jump off on the other side, then remain still and get on your board again to complete the first task of the challenge. Get off your board and jump on the next planter, then jump across the gap between the planters. Run across the last section of the planter and jump off, then stand still and get back on your board to complete the challenge.

"Blaow!" challenge hint:
Pump and hold R2 on the opposite quarter pipe from the actual gap, where the two arrows are located. You will gain enough air coming down. Use that speed and air with an angle to jump the gap. Also use the R2 trick on the tranny of the gap.

"Bonus Team Photo" challenge hint:
Stand on the ledge above where the sponsor is supposed to handplant, then wait for him to approach the launch ramp. Do a flip trick off the ledge as he does the handplant.

"Can You Spell Girl?" challenge hint:
Restart the challenge until Eric Koston falls. When you get the set trick, press the Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick in the same direction to do 540's.

"Dunk Slam" challenge hint:

Place one ramp under the backboard almost lined up with it and slightly in front of it. Throw away the other ramp. When you begin the challenge, go left and up the concrete until you reach the tunnel. Place set marker as far as you can without leaving the challenge area. Skate as fast as possible towards the ramp, then hold R1 before hitting the ramp and it should grab the backboard. Hold that button and press UP as soon as you hit the ramp. Keep Up held until after the handplant. Try adjusting the position of the ramp as needed.

"Jam With Danny Way" Pro challenge hint:

Step off your board and drag a roadblock from the top area over into Danny's path before starting the challenge.

"Vert With The Vampire" challenge hint:

Get as much air as possible by going back and forth on the vert and ollieing. Then, hold R2 until you get to the tranny of the window side of the vert. Release the button when the tranny ends and you will be going up the wall.

"Who Lives here?" challenge hint:
There is a kicker that you must move to land on. It is to the left of where you are supposed to land.

Pros strategy:
To easily defeat the Pros in the throwdowns, after get your board sponsor and get the Pros' numbers, call them up one at a time to one of the locations. Before the challenge begins, drag a couple objects and place them at the top of the stairs. There are some ramps, rail, and benches on the other side of the stair on the lower level (for example, the challenge "Can You Spell Girl?"). If done correctly, the Pros will fail their tricks or get off their boards and try to jump over the objects. Do not forget to leave an opening for yourself. As long you have the objects in the middle of the opening (where the arrow shows up), you are good to go. For some reason the Pro repeatedly goes to the middle no matter what. After defeating the Pro you will not only get the wager money, but also the sponsor's money. You can do this as many times as you desired.

Skitchin hint:
You can travel almost twice as fast by skitchin behind cars. To skitch, hold [World Grab] on the back bumper of a car. This can be done while they are stopped at a light or a stop sign. You can also grab on if you have some speed and get near the back of a moving car while holding [World Grab]. After you begin skitchin, the car will increase speed. Note: Some vehicles such as sports cars will drive faster. When you let go from the side while hanging on with one hand, you will pull yourself forward for an extra boost.

Launch in the air glitch:
While slowly moving on flat ground, press L1 to hop off your board. Then, quickly hop back on in one smooth motion. Hold Y + B + RT + LT just as your feet get near the board.If done correctly, your skater will be launched skyward. This will lengthen your air time when trying to bail and earn you more points for the Thrasher Hall Of Meat Challenges.

No-Comply launch glitch:
Note: You must be standing still to do this glitch. Hold L1 as far as possible without holding your board. Then, while still holding the button, do a No-Comply to be sent into the air.

-Do at least two pushes to get yourself moving, then press Left Analog-stick Up(4). After the fourth time, immediately do a No-Comply. You will be sent into the air. Note: This glitch may require several attempts.

"Anyone Else?" trophy hint:
-Find the object used in the battle at the Lighthouse Park, then go west and locate the big blue bench. Drag it over and position it lengthwise so that it is out of your way. Begin the Throwdown and choose the other skaters. Select the Lighthouse as the venue. Your opponents will bail because of the bench.

-Execute double or triple kickflips as the pros cannot copy them.

"On Top Of The World" trophy hint:
Completing all the K.O.T.M. Death Race challenges will unlock SV Peak. Teleport there and find the shack with the quarter pipe inside, then set up the ramp in an open area. Push up to the ramp and do a handplant invert to unlock the achievement or trophy.

"Taste The Mongo" trophy hint:
Mongo pushing is pushing with your front foot. When standing on the board with your right foot ahead, press A to push with your right foot. Likewise, if your left is in front, use X to push with your left foot.


Bronze trophies
Amateur Skater - Achieve amateur rank online.
Big Air Champ - Win the san van-a-slamma.
Cooperation is key - Complete 50 online freeskate activities with your created skater.
Dethrowned - Download and own a community created spot.
DIY - Spend 30 minutes moving objects in career mode.
Fully Sponsored - Obtain all sponsorships.
Gender Bender - Change your skater's gender.
Good Samaritan - Knock down a security guard chasing another skater in career mode.
Graphically Extreme - Add a custom graphic to your skater.
Grasshopper - Perform one grass gap of at least 10 meters or 30 feet in career mode.
GVR Champ - Win the GVR contest.
I Like To Move It - Move your first object in career mode.
Juggling Chainsaws - Wipeout at high speed in career mode.
Make it Big! - Use big black's service 10 times in career mode.
Meet Slappy - Meet slappy.
Need for Speed - Maintain maximum speed for 5 seconds in career mode.
New San Van Hero - Call Mikey 10 times.
On Top Of The World - Perform an invert on one of the highest points in the city in career mode.
Playing Nice Together - Complete your first online freeskate activity with your created skater.
Pull the Plug - Drain every pool and fountain in career mode.
Pwn some n00bs - Win an online ranked match.
Race Hero - Win all races in career mode.
Real Estate Mogul - Purchase all property in career mode.
Running Man - Escape a chase off board in career mode.
Sandbag - Break at least 15 bones in a single wipeout in career mode.
Skater Evolved - Get off your board in career mode.
Skater's Choice - Win the skater's choice award in an online ranked match.
Skitched Up - Skitch for 1000 meters or 3000 feet in career mode.
Stairmaster - Perform one stair gap of at least 12 meters or 36 feet in career mode.
Still Alive? - Win a deathrace in career mode.
Taste The Mongo - Mongo push 5000 times in career mode.
That's the Way - Beat all of danny way's film challenges.
The Architect - Upload a created spot.
The Critic - Rate 10 community videos and photos.
Uninsurable - Break 100 bones in career mode.
Where's my TV show? - Beat all rob dyrdek challenges.

Silver trophies
Active Skater - Complete all online freeskate activities with your created skater.
Anyone Else? - Beat all the pros at throwdown challenges.
How you like them apples? - Acquire all phone numbers for the pros.
Online Pro - Achieve pro rank online.
SBM Cover - Get cover of the skateboard mag.
Spare Parts - Complete all hall Of meat paths.
Thrasher Cover - Get the cover of thrasher.
Urban Legend Too - Own all spots in career mode.

Gold trophies
Online Legend - Achieve legend rank online.
Perfectionist - Complete all paths in career mode.

Platinum trophy
Platinum Trophy - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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