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"Silent Hill 2 HD" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Free to Go - Unlock the "Leave" ending.
Second Best - Unlock the "Maria" ending.
Goodbye - Unlock the "In Water" ending.
Childhood Trauma - Defeat Abstract Daddy.
I Don't Need You Anymore - Defeat Pyramid Head.
Where's that Letter!? - Defeat Flesh Lips.
Fountain of Youth - Acquire the White Chrism.
Not So Lost Memories - Acquire the book of Lost Memories.
Light Reading - Acquire the book of Crimson Ceremony.
We're Not Alone - Acquire the Blue Gem.

Silver trophies
Say Your Prayers - Unlock the "Rebirth" ending.
It All Makes Sense Now - Unlock the "Dog" ending.
Never to be Heard from Again - Unlock the "UFO" ending.
Overkill - Acquire the Chainsaw.
Keep Your Distance - Defeat at least 75 enemies by shooting in SH2.
Melee Master - Defeat at least 75 enemies by fighting in SH2.
Keen Eye - Find at least 150 items + extra items in SH2.
Don't Keep Her Waiting - Complete Boat Stage in less than 1 min 20 seconds.
Hard to Hit - Receive less than 500 points of damage in one game, in SH2.
Say Goodbye - Defeat Mary.
Restless Dreams - Unlock the "Born from a Wish" ending.
Unholy Grail - Acquire the Obsidian Goblet.

Gold trophies
Warp Speed - Complete SH2 in 3 hours or less.
Who Needs a Gun? - Acquire the Green Hyper Spray.
Playing on the Edge - Complete SH2 with 2 saves or less.
I.Q. Test - Complete SH2 on Extra Riddle difficulty.
Man's Best Friend - Acquire the Dog Key.

Platinum trophy
She Would Be Proud - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

"Silent Hill 3 HD" trophies:

Bronze trophies
I'm Normal I Promise - Unlock the "Normal" ending.
Wall Basher - Acquire the Silencer.

Silver trophies
It Was All in Your Head - Unlock the "Possesed" ending.
There's a New Sheriff in Town - Acquire the Beam Saber.
Flame On - Acquire the Flamethrower.
What the Hill Just Happened? - Acquire the Gold and Silver pipes.
Pest Control - Defeat Split Worm in under 2 minutes.
Eye For an Eye - Defeat Missionary in under 2 minutes.
A Time to Kill - Defeat Leonard in under 3 minutes.
Lost Memory - Defeat Memory of Alessa in under 3 minutes.
Blasphemy - Defeat God in under 8 minutes.
This Isn't an FPS! - Defeat at least 75 enemies by shooting in SH3.
They Look like Monsters to You? - Defeat at least 75 enemies by fighting in SH3.
Hoarder - Pick up at least 100 items in SH3.
Ninja - Receive less than 500 points of damage in one game, in SH3.

Gold trophies
Coolest. Dad. Ever. - Unlock the "UFO" ending.
Adrenaline Junkie - Complete SH3 in 3 hours or less.
Makes My Head Hurt - Complete SH3 with 2 saves or less.
If Looks Could Kill - Unlock the Heather Beam.
Where's Luna? - Equip the "Princess Heart" costume.
Heather's Got a Gun - Acquire the Unlimited Submachine Gun.

Platinum trophy
I Guess it's Time to Roll the Credits - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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