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Bronze trophies
Swamp Sweet Swamp - Use the magic mirror.
Ogres Rock! - Win the training fight in the Forest.
Swamp Sweep - Defeat the witches in the Swamp.
Towers Are For Sissies - Defeat the Fairy Godmother in Dragon's Keep.
Back to the Grave - Beat the Skeleton battle in the Peasant Village.
Ring Them Bells - Find and return all three bells in Peasant Village.
Big Treasure - Open a big treasure chest.
Let's Start a Sing-a-Long! - Use Donkey Radio on an enemy.
Green And Mean - Scare an enemy as Shrek.
Ogre Horn - Sound-blast an enemy with Fiona.
Too Cute - Use Puss in Boots' 'big eyes' to charm an enemy.
Just Getting Started - Get your first health upgrade.

Silver trophies
Shrek Goes Green - Fill half of the Ogre Power meter.
Paid the Piper - Defeat the Pied Piper in the Catacombs.
Sinking Ship - Sink the pirate ship.
Swamp Complete - Complete 100% of the Swamp.
Dragon's Keep Complete - Complete 100% of the Dragon's Keep.
Peasant Village Complete - Complete 100% of the Peasant Village.
Catacombs Complete - Complete 100% of the Catacombs.
Docks Complete - Complete 100% of the Docks.
Rumpel's Palace Complete - Complete 100% of Rumpelstiltskin's Palace.
Ogre Camp Complete - Complete 100% of Ogre Camp.
Shopping Spree - Purcahse all store items.
Team Shrek - Defeat an enemy with each of the four characters in 1 battle.
Fear My Roar - As Shrek, scare five enemies at once.
Queen of the Swamp - As Fiona, sound-blast five enemies at once.
Purr... - As Puss, enchant five enemies at once.
Where's the Party? - Use Donkey Radio on five enemies at once.
Ogre Outpost - Complete the Cooperative Multiplayer mode puzzle in the Swamp.
Ogre Outlaws - Complete the Cooperative Multiplayer mode puzzle in the Docks.
Ogre Mayhem - Complete the Cooperative Multiplayer mode puzzle in the Peasant Village.
Let's Have Some Fun - Defeat an enemy in the Cooperative Mutliplayer mode.
The Party's Here - Complete a battle while in the Cooperative Multiplayer mode.

Gold trophies
100% Green Ogre - Fill up the Ogre Power meter.
The Royal Highness is Heinous - Rumpel Defeated.

Platinum trophy
True Love's Kiss - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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