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Shaun World:
Earn a gold medal in all Shaun White set challenges.

Shaun White skin:
Complete the game and load the cleared saved game file. Pause game play, then select the "Extras" option to access the Shaun White skin.

Trick meter:
Repeatedly perform 360s while Ollying to fill up the trick meter faster. This should fill the trick meter faster to get the city back to normal.


Bronze trophies
Ridiculously Long Lasting - Influence and reveal 5 gum company's billboards.
It's Better Here - Influence and reveal all the restaurants.
Mad Looks - Customize your character.
Skate Guru - Convert 100 citizens.
MannyMania - Manual for 75 meters in the story mode.
Hoverboard - Grind 150 meters without touching the ground in story mode.
Fashionista - Collect 50 clothing items in the story mode.
Raise the roof - Reach a trick height of 9 meters in the story mode.
Riding Benefactor - Use 10 power ups on yourself or your team in one multiplayer match.
Trip 'em up - Use 10 power ups to affect opponents in one multiplayer match.
Infinite Arsenal - Use 12 power ups in one multiplayer match.
Deja vu? - Play each multiplayer mode once.
Shape Master - Win a 'Shaping Battle' multiplayer match.
Dynamic Propaganda - Win a 'Ministry vs Rising' multiplayer match.
Unleash the Flow - Win a 'Go with the flow' multiplayer match.
Multiplayer Initiate - Complete a multiplayer match.
Challenge Killer - Complete 35 challenges.
Skatecopter - Perform 3 body rotations in a single trick.
Shopping Spree - Unlock all the skate shops.
Ministry Retreat - Remove 20 Ministry posters & logos.
Skate Shop Moxie - Impress Bob & free his skate.
Free Your Mind - Use shaping to mold the world.

Silver trophies
Weapon of Mass Manipulation - Transform 1000 world objects and citizens.
Secret Packrat - Discover all the secret challenges.
Full Deck Trickster - Unlock all the tricks and complete your trick book.
Speed Bomber - Obtain the best time in 3 time attack challenges.
ApocalypsFlow - Reach 7500 flow in the story mode.
Versatile Challenger - Win a match in every multiplayer game mode.
Shaping Blitz - Shape 10 objects in one 'Shaping Battle' multiplayer match.
Absolute Truth - Convert 10 structures in a single 'Ministry vs Rising' multiplayer match.
Flow Factory - Obtain 8000 flow in one 'Go with the flow' multiplayer match.
Crossing the Beams - Link a shaping with a rail, or another shaping. Do this 30 times.
Flat footed - Perform 100 perfect landings.
Glitterous - Find all the secret chests.

Gold trophies

Gold Medal Challenge - Earn the gold medal in all Shaun White challenges.

Platinum trophy
Platinum Award - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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