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Bronze trophies
A Commander's Peaceful Retirement - Complete Mori Motonari's Story
A New Warrior Appears - Create a new character
And Then to Honnōji - Complete Oda Nobunaga's Story
Castle's Business Hearing - Build a royal warrant office
Collection of Famous Places - Build every unique officer building
Completely Subdued Bases - Capture all the bases in a single battle
Dawn of the Warring States - Complete a scenario in Empire mode
Desire to Remain Boxed in - Complete Chosokabe Motochika's Story
Dream of a Nemesis - Complete Uesugi Kenshin's Story
Famous Developer - Make a structure evolve
Famous Horse Loved by Keiji - Obtain Matsukaze
Famous War Castle - Get your castle keep to level 3
First Castle Construction - Build your first stucture in your castle town
First Conquered Base - Capture your first base
Glamorous Residence of Luxury - Build a lavish palace
Living History of the Warring States - Obtain 100% completion in movie gallery
Novice Developer - Upgrade a structure to level 3
Parent and Child of Chaos - Complete Takeda Shingen's Story
Person who Surpasses Hideyoshi's Wealth - Obtain at least 2,000,000 gold in a single game
Place to see Smiles - Complete Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Story
Prominent War Castle - Have at least 100 structures in your castle town
Proper Authority - Build a magistrate office
Samurai of the Warring States - Defeat 1,000 enemies in a single battle
Skilled Developer - Upgrade a structure to a better version
The Birth of a Famous Place - Build your first unique officer building
The Land for Numskulls - Complete Hojo Ujiyasu's Story
The Land's Unparalleled Entertainer - Max friendship bonds with the storekeeper, Saya
The Road Home for Two - Complete Date Masamune's Story
The Sound of Mujika - Build a cathedral
This is a Superbly Manufactured Sword - Obtain one rare weapon
This is Superbly Manufactured Armor - Obtain one piece of armor (any type)
This too is Peace - Complete Tokugawa Ieyasu's Story
To Nobunaga's Desired Hell - Complete one battle on the hardest difficulty
Warrior with Educated Technique - Kill at least 100 enemies with a single Musou attack
Withholding the Demon - Complete Shimazu Yoshihiro's Story
Your First Victorious Battle - Win a battle

Silver trophies
Great Buddha's Light - Build a golden giant Buddha
Master of Sieges - Capture a total of 100 bases during the course of the game
One who is Fascinated by the Demon Blade - Obtain two rare weapons
One-of-a-Kind Castle in Three Countries - Get your castle keep to level 5
Unrivaled Castle of the Ages - Fill every section of your castle town with a structure

Gold trophies
Architect who Surpasses Kiyomasa - Obtain 100% in structure gallery (except for DLC)
Greatest in the Land - Complete every scenario in Empire mode (except for DLC)
Once-in-a-Lifetime Meeting with Rikyu - Obtain 100% completion in officer events gallery
The One who Spins History - Complete all 10 stories in Story mode

Platinum trophy
You are Truly the Greatest Warrior of the Land! - Unlock all other trophies

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