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Unlockable games(Arcade mode):
Unlock the following games by performing the corresponding tasks in Arcade mode:

Alien Syndrome - Complete stages 1 and 2 of alien storm without dying.
Altered Beast - Score 100,000 points in stage 1 of altered beast.
Congo Bongo - Complete stage 1 of streets of rage 3 with all three characters.
Fantasy Zone - Score 80,000 points in flicky.
Golden Axe Warrior - Use magic ten times in golden axe 3.
Phantasy Star - Complete act 1 of sonic the hedgehog 2 with two players.
Shinobi - Complete stage 1 of shinobi 3: the return of the ninja master without dying.
Space Harrier - Score 1,500,000 points in stage 1 of super thunder blade.
Zaxxon - Collect five coins in decapattack.

Unlockable interviews:
Unlock the following interviews by performing the corresponding tasks:

Akira Nishino - Collect 5 yellow stars in ristar.
Kazunari Tsukamoto - Load phantasy star 3.
Kazuo Wakihara - Earn 20,000 points in columns on easy difficulty.
Tohru Yoshida - Load phantasy star 2.
Makoto Uchida - Collect 20 magic power-ups in golden axe.
Reiko Kodama - Earn $1,000 in alex kidd and the enchanted castle.
Shun Nakamura - Earn a chaos emerald in sonic the hedgehog.
Takao Miyoshi - Load phantasy star 4.


Bronze trophies
Communication is Key - Ecco.
Complete Chaos - Sonic the hedgehog.
Don't Die - Alien storm.
Don't Get Lost - Fatal labyrinth.
Easy as Pie - Columns.
Enter the Beast - Altered beast.
Flicky to the Rescue - Sonic 3D blast.
Get Ahead - Decap attack.
Get Rich - Alex kidd.
Getting Chicks - Flicky.
Hardly a Hero - Comix zone.
Holy Water - Beyond oasis.
Stealing Points - Bonanza brothers.
Suit up - E-SWAT.
Taste Like Tuna - Ecco.
Three Times a Charm - Streets of rage.
Twinkle Twinkle - Ristar.

Silver trophies
Blast Processing - Play all genesis titles.
Can You Dig It? - VectorMan 2.
Critique - View all artwork.
Garden Gnomes - Golden axe.
Get to the Chopper - Super thunder blade.
Good Day Mate - Streets of rage 3.
Master the System - Unlock everything.
No Life - Watch every video.
Only in the '80s - Play all arcade titles.
Super Charged - VectorMan.
TGIF - Kid chameleon.
Tower Up - Golden axe II.
True Ninja Skills - Shinobi III.

Gold trophies
A Different Tail - Sonic 3.
Lots of Zeros - Sonic spinball.
Saved by Magic - Golden axe III.
Yatta! - Dr. robotnik's M.B.M.

Platinum trophy
Platinuminary - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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