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Infinite Money & Experience:
Note: Two controllers are required. First, complete the first level Evil Ex. Play story mode as the character who you want to gain the money. Use a second controller to have a guest join who has some money. Enter a store and have the guest give the your player all of their money. Press Start to return to the map and then exit the game. The game will not save the guest's stats so the guest will retain their money. Repeat this as desired.

Cheat Codes:

Activate the following cheats by pressing the corresponding sequences of buttons at the specified screens:

Both players can select same character - Press DOWN, R1, UP, L1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE at the title screen.
Blood mode - Press X, CIRCLE, X, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE(2) at the title screen.
Boss Rush mode - Press RIGHT(2), CIRCLE, R1, RIGHT(2), CIRCLE, R1 at the title screen.
Scott's Power Of Love Sword - Press SQUARE(3), X, CIRCLE, X, TRIANGLE at the title screen.
Sound test - Press L1(3), R1(3), L1, R1 at the "Leaderboards" screen.
Coin sprites changed to animal sprites - Press UP(2), DOWN(2), UP(4) at the title screen.
Zombie mode - Press DOWN, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, RIGHT(3) at the title screen.
Sacrifice life for $50 - Hold L2 + R2 and press UP(2), DOWN(2), Left, RIGHT, Left, RIGHT, CIRCLE, X at the title screen.
Hearts appear when hitting opponent - Press X, CIRCLE, X, CIRCLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE, , CIRCLE at the title screen.

Unlockable Characters:
Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Nega-Scott - Complete the game as Kim, Stills, Ramona, and Scott.
Mr. Chau - When see Mr. Chau on a random stage, go to that stage to fight him. Defeat him to unlock him.

Mobile's secret house:
Obtain the key in level 6 and fight some wolverines, then search for the small house in the background with a path. Keep walking along the top of the screen and to enter a secret path. Note: Mobile sells a special training manual for $57.50 that unlocks a special move.

Wallace Wells' secret shop:

Go to the shopping district in the Frozen Suburbs and find the ramp that leads down down to an underpass. Go to the star painted on the rear wall. A cement panel will open, allowing you to access a shop that sells expensive powerful items.

Hidden money and shortcut:
At the start of level 5, "The Party", move backwards to the door with the star to access a secret Subspace Highway. You will collect money and exit the highway past the halfway point of the level.

Video Store Items:
Pay the $504.25 fine at the video store to unlock the corresponding items for purchase for $4.95. Note: After leaving the store you will have to pay the fine again to reenter.

The Mystical Head - Extra life, maximum of nine.
Seven Shaolin Masters - Gives +100 XP, +10 DEF, +10 SPD, +10 WP, +10 STR.
Alien vs. T-Rex - Gives +20 STR.
Alone And Disturbed - Gives +1,500 experience points.
I Love Your Boyfriend - Gives +320 XP, +15 DEF, +15 WP.

Lucas Lee strategy:
To make Lucas Lee easier,  grab one of the gray tripod things before you go into the fight. If you avoid the skater dudes that come in about halfway through the fight, it'll all be over in a few seconds.

Ramona's bottomless bag:

When playing as Ramona Flowers, hold TRIANGLE for about 5 seconds and release to pull various weapons out of her purse. It costs 20 Gut Points per use but gives you anything from a durable brick to a deadly katana, viable proof that it is indeed bottomless.


Bronze trophies
New Challenger - Defeat Matthew Patel without losing a life.
Dirty Trick - Defeat an enemy by throwing an object at him while he's already down.
The Power of Friendship - In a multiplayer game, reanimate another player at least 25 times.
Gourmet - Eat every food items.
Shopaholic - Buy all the items of a shop during the same visit.
Armed And Dangerous - Defeat at least 200 enemies using interactive objects.
"Chaudown" - Unlock and call all strikers.

Silver trophies
Twin Dragons - Defeat the Twins simultaneously.
Invulnerable - Play through a World and reach the boss without getting hit.
Vigilante - Defeat 1000 enemies.
One Man Army - Clear the game in single player on the "Supreme Master" difficulty setting.

Gold trophies
Get the Girl - Complete the game with Scott.

"Knives Chau" trophies:

Bronze trophies
It's All In The Reflexes - Catch a flying object at least 25 times with Knives.

Silver trophies
Speed Run - Clear the game in 90 minutes or less with Knives.

Gold trophies
Ninja Somersault - Perform at least 10 consecutive head stomps successfully with Knives.

"Scott Pilgrim Online Multiplayer and Wallace Pack" trophies:

Bronze trophies
And--- It's a Wrap! - Clear the game with Wallace Wells
Everybody wants to play - Played online with all characters at least once (including Wallace Wells)
Wallace the novice! - Completed your first online match with Scott Pilgrim Online Multiplayer and Wallace pack

Silver trophies

Wallaciraptor! - Knockout 200 enemies in online mode with Scott Pilgrim Online Multiplayer and Wallace pack

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