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Make Earthquake eat chicken:
Play as Charlotte and get a perfect. Then, quickly press A, B,A ,C, A, D, Up, Down, Left.

Play as Amakusa:
Enter versus mode and select any character. Intentionally lose and then save the game. Load the game and select Charlotte as your character with controller 2 and continue the game. Press start on controller 1 in the bonus phase. Player 2 will be changed to Amakusa.

Play as Kuroko:

Go to versus mode and press Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Right, and A. Note: The game will restart after the fight ends.

Play as Shiki:
Highlight Random Select and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Down, Down.

Play as Zankuro:
Highlight Random Select and press Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Up.

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