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Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape PS3 Cheats

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Play as Josh Stone:
Beat the game to unlock Josh Stone as a playable character in single-player mode.

Beat the game to unlock figurines you can view in the bonus galleries.

Professional difficulty:
Beat the game under Veteran difficulty to unlock Professional difficulty.


Bronze trophies
Getaway - Complete 'Desperate Escape' on any difficulty setting.
It's Just a Bad Dream! - Complete 'Lost in Nightmares' with an S rank.
Kung Fu Fighting - Inflict a set amount of damage to Wesker in 'Lost in Nightmares'.
Must've Got Lost - Complete 'Lost in Nightmares' on any difficulty setting.
Shoot the Messenger - Defeat 3 Agitator Majini in one playthrough of 'Desperate Escape'.
The Great Escape - Complete 'Desperate Escape' with an S rank.
Way of the Warrior - Defeat 150 enemies singlehandedly in one playthrough of 'Desperate Escape'.
Wish Upon a Star - Destroy all 18 of the Score stars found throughout 'Lost in Nightmares'.

Silver trophies
Night Terrors - Complete 'Lost in Nightmares' on Professional
Run the Gauntlet - Complete 'Desperate Escape' on Professional.

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