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Bronze trophies

Goody Two Shoes - Bring 20 Prisoners to the Church in single player
Airborne - Pilot a helicopter in single player
A Mess of Stiff Staff Sergeants - Kill Inferno's Sergeants in single player
Jonesing for Relics - Return all the Relics to the Museum in single player
From Cold Dead Hands - Steal all Inferno's Weapon Crates in single player
Supply Problems - Destroy all Mining Carts in the Kaabe Mountains in single player
Inferno's Briefs - Steal all the Document Briefs in single player
To Hell and Back - Complete Mission 9 on any Difficulty in single player
The Daily Grind - Get a character to max level in single player

Silver trophies
Tough Stuff - Complete all missions on Hardcore Difficulty
Lord Master of Great Skill - Get 'Skill Level - Alien' in single player

Gold trophies

Mega Kill Combo - Get a 50x Damage Streak in single player

"Coldstrike Campaign" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Extraction - Mission 1: Rescue all the civilians in single player.
Intelligence - Mission 2: Acquire all intel on Coldstrike's plans in single player

Silver trophies
Pansy Worm - Mission 3 - Defeat the Panzer Wyrm.

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