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Cheat Codes:
At the main menu go to "Extras" > "Gusteau's Shop" > "Secrets". Choose one of the following options listed and enter the corresponding code to unlock it. You must have a profile loaded:

+10,000 gusteau points(code 18) - Gusteaujack
+50,000 gusteau points(code 19) - Gusteauomni
+5000 gusteau points(code 17) - Gusteaupot
All bonus artworks(code 12) - Gusteaures
All colony collection missions - Stuffed
All concept art(code 8) - Gusteauart
All dream worlds in gusteau's shop(code 13) - Gusteaudream
All four championship modes(code 9) - Gusteauship
All items in gusteau's shop(code 16) - Gusteaucombo
All single player and multi-player mini-games(code 10) - Mattelme
All single player mini-games(code 15) - Gusteaulevel
All slides in gusteau's shop(code 14) - Gusteauslide
All videos(code 11) - Gusteauvid
Fart when jumping(code 5) - Ilikeonions
Head butt when attacking instead of tailswip(code 6) - Hardfeelings
Infnite dash energy - Speedy
Move undetected by enemies(code 4) - Spyagent
Multi-player mode(code 7) - Slumberparty
No damage from enemies, but still take water and falling damage(code 3) - Shielded
No impact or damage from enemies, but still take water and falling damage(code 2) - Myhero
Very easy difficulty(code 1) - Pieceocake

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