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Complete Breakdown (10 points) - Destroy a boss with 100% destruction.
Clear Arcade (15 points) - Clear Arcade Mode.
Clear Story (15 points) - Clear Story Mode.
Hyper Sword (5 points) - Use Hyper Sword.
MERRY (5 points) - Find hidden bonus.
On the Leaderboard (10 points) - Upload a score to the Leaderboards.
Weapon Master (20 points) - Get three weapons to maximum level.
Max Chain (20 points) - Get 100,000 points by chain bonus.
Cleared Without Using Continues (30 points) - Clear Arcade Mode without using continues.
Genuine Complete Breakdown (20 points) - Destroy all bosses 100%.
Sword Master (30 points) - Clear level 1 using only the Sword.
Top Breeder (20 points) - Find all hidden bonuses.

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