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Bronze trophies
...But Can You Parallel Park? - Make it through outer space without taking any damage.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way up the Dragon - Defeat General Dragon.
A Speech for Sore Ears - Wear yourself out listening to Mr. Pink.
A Toothache Named Disaster - Defeat General Tiger.
Better Squidaddle - Don't take any damage while riding the squid.
Bonus Maximus - Complete all Bonus Stages within the time limit.
Butterball Bailout - Find the secret route while on a diet.
Bye Bye Bunnie - Defeat General Rabbit.
Calibrus Unleashed - Make your first cut with Calibrus.
Crabherd: It's Like a Shepherd for Crabs - Keep all the baby crabs safe.
Death of a Sales Rat - Defeat General Rat.
Dog on a Short Tin Leash - Defeat General Dog.
Double Trouble - Play with a friend for the first time.
Every Squirrel Has Its Thorns - Anger the mother of all squirrels.
Fiddler on the Woof - Defeat General Robo-Dog.
Flagrant Misconduct - Foul the Witch in the wrestling ring.
Fly Beta Kappa - Defeat the Kappagaeru without touching the ground.
Head Hunter - Find 50 different types of heads.
Hole-Diggin' Varmints! - Save all the Wild Waste locals.
I'll Second String YOU! - PLAYER 2: Defeat 50 grubs.
Is That a Mask, or Is That Your Face? - Peek in on all the wrestlers' home lives.
It's a Grubby Job, But... - Defeat 1,000 grubs.
La Cage aux Fowls - Defeat General Rooster.
Lead Sparkleholic - Collect 10,000 Moonsparkles.
Long Snake's Journey Into Plight - Defeat General Snake.
Luna Kazooed - Watch the Moon Witch transform Pikarina and Ying Yang in every possible way.
Mass Exodus - Set 22 puppet children free in a single playthrough.
Moon Gravity - Use cuts 100 times to juggle grubs and keep them in the air.
Much Apork About Mutton - Defeat Generals Pig and Sheep.
No Dragon Your Heels - Make it across General Dragon's back without taking any damage.
Nosferatu Blues - Listen to Dracula's entire rant.
On the Rocks - Reunite all the iceberg dwellers for a toast.
Predictably Gullible - Shoot down all the seagulls using the deck cannons.
Read Between the Lines - Read all the picture books.
Recapitated - Obtain your first head.
Shear Genius? - Make 10,000 cuts with Calibrus.
Shmup to Scratch - Shoot down all the pigeon squadrons.
Soul Searcher - Rescue your first soul.
Soul Searcherer - Rescue a ton of captive souls.
Sparktacular - Collect all the Hundredsparkles using Kutaro.
Strapping Jockey - Win the train race without taking any damage.
Super Buccaneer Grapple Master - Defeat 100 grubs after reeling them in with the Hookclaw.
Super Chivalry Deflection Master - Perform 300 successful Guards.
Super Luchador Pancake Master - Defeat 30 grubs using Body Slams.
Super Ninjitsu Kablooey Master - Defeat 3 grubs with a single Bomb.
Supporting Sparkleholic - PLAYER 2: Collect 3,000 Moonsparkles.
Surgical Striker - Cut all the souls from all the Weavers without letting a single one recover.
The Cruelty of Youth - Turn all the caterpillars into butterflies, then cut them down.
The Flawed Couple - Defeat General Horse.
The Other Flying Circus - Perform 20 consecutive Boost Cuts without touching the ground.
The Spacemonkey Falleth - Defeat General Monkey.
The Taming of the Moo - Defeat General Bull.
The Tyrant's Inner Tyrant - Open the nested Moon Bear King doll all the way.
Three-Second Rule - Pick up your fallen head 100 times.
Triple Tete - Arm yourself with three of the same head.
Ursus Descending - Defeat the Moon Bear King.
What the Cat Drags In - Investigate the environment for the first time.
Who Needs Enemies? - PLAYER 2: Throw away Player 1's head 10 times.

Silver trophies
Head Hoarder - Find every type of head.
Soul Searcherest - Rescue all of the captive souls.
The Wooden Shoe Drops - Witness the end of each of the three puppet fugitives.

Gold trophies
Now That's Using Your Head (Hur, Hur) - Use every Head Action correctly.

Platinum trophy
Best Actor - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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