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Bronze trophies
Acquired 1,000,000 VP - Earned 1,000,000 Victory Points.
Acquired 100,000 VP - Earned 100,000 Victory Points.
Acquired 200,000 VP - Earned 200,000 Victory Points.
Acquired 500,000 VP - Earned 500,000 Victory Points.
An Original Player is Born - Create an original player in Spirit Mode.
And Led the First Step to - Won a game online in Coach Mode.
Birth of a Rival - Play a game online.
Celebrities - Win 100 games online.
Challenge to the Home Run King - Achieve 10 Home Runs while playing online.
Hometown - Cleared Hometown in Spirit Mode.
I went to Hawaii - Cleared Hawaii Camp in Spirit Mode.
I went to Kochi - Cleared Kochi Camp in Spirit Mode.
I went to Okinawa - Cleared Okinawa Camp in Spirit Mode.
King of Material - Completed shopping in Star Mode.
Merchants - Sold a player in the Bazarr in Online Mode.
Stairway to the Player - Promoted for the first time online.
The First Step for Players - Win your first game online.
Way to Home Run King - Achieve your first Home Run in an online game.

Silver trophies

Challenger's Arousal - The challenger awakes in Spirit Mode.
Fashion - Stylish gauge maxed in Star Mode.
Fellow Member - Reliable gauge maxed in Star Mode.
Good Training - Awakened a player's potential in Supervision Mode online.
King of Prizes - Earned 1 million yen in Star Mode.
King of Training - Star rating times 5 in player development in Spirit Mode.
Led to the stairs - Promoted to Director in Online Mode.
Popular - Fan gauge maxed in Star Mode.
The Rise - Earned 5000 fans in Star Mode.
When People... - Topic gauge maxed in Star Mode.

Gold trophies
MVP - Performance gauge maxed in Star Mode.
Rookie - Earned "Rookie of the Year" in Star Mode.
Stardom - Earn a one billion yen annual salary.
Superstar - Star gauge maxed in Star Mode.
Winning Season - Win the Japan Championship without skipping a game in Season Mode.

Platinum trophy
Spirit Master - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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