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Bronze trophies
Trickster - Score a trick shot.
Astronaut - Win in a low gravity game.
Bumpy Ride - Win on a bumpy table.
Living on the Edge - Win a game on a no edge table.
Snake Charmer - Perform a Snake Shot.
Newbie - Win your first game.
Keep it in - Keep the ball in during a game on a no edge table.
Lay Low - Ball doesn’t fly off in zero gravity.
Under Achiever - Lose against rookie with no goals.
Clean Slate - Completing a game with no fouls.
Winner - Win 50 games.
Earthquake - Commit more than two fouls in one game.
Globetrotter - Unlocked all locations.
Location! Location! Location! - Win in every location.
Semicentennial Scorer - 50 Goals Scored!
Player - 10 Games Played!
Loser - Lose 5 games in a row.
Fly Me To The Moon - Ball flies off table 3 times in a game.
Going the Wrong Way - Score 10 own goals.
Full Set! - Foul, Deadball & Offtable called in single game!

Silver trophies
Ace - Win a match without letting the opponent score a single goal.
King of Possession - More than 75% of possession.
Centennial Scorer - 100 Goals Scored!
Streaker! - 10 games won in a row.
Mega Player - 50 Games Played!

Gold trophies
Champion - Complete Foos Championship.
Diablo - Win 5 games against diabolical difficulty.
Ultimate Championship - Complete Foos Championship without losing once.
Super Streaker! - 50 games won in a row!
Utter Madness - Win in every possible Foos Madness combo.
Ultimate Attacker - 500 Goals Scored!

Platinum trophy
The Ultimate Foosballer - All trophies awarded.

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