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Unlock Teddy Bear:
One of the miscellaneous secondary weapons is the teddy bear, which can be located after earning the Scorpion Sword in the clock (west) tower. There are three encounters with a giant golem enemy in the clocktower when you first go through it; the first is before you start negotiating the vertical climbing of the tower (past); the second is on top of the clock tower (past); the third is is stationary and throws exploding monsters in the clock tower's second area (past). Find the room where the second giant golem enemy is. You will need to be in the present (so find a time portal) and drop into the water-filled dead end past the golem's room. Break the wall and retrieve the teddy bear. The teddy bear is almost unbreakable and inflicts hardly any damage, but has the ability to restore lost life to the Prince with each successful blow on an enemy.

Play as Sandwraith:
On your second visit to the portal room, when you must switch the time to the present for the first time, the Prince will say that something is wrong. You must run the switches on the wall to make the portal work correctly. However, instead of doing so, enter the portal as it is and you will switch the time to the present. Save the game, then exit and load the game. You will now be playing as Sandwraith. In this mode you will constantly lose life and will lose much more health when hit than in normal mode. However, your attacks are stronger and you'll be faster. Note: Save the game on a different file if you wish to continue the game as the Prince.

Special Weapons:
Find the following hidden weapons. Note: All special weapons are unbreakable. However, if you throw it, you lose it for good:

Rayman Fist
Rayman's Fist is located in the Catacombs. Since the Dahaka is chasing you, consider using slow time to escape him. Get to the part where you have to pull three stones out of the wall to raise the central area. After pulling the first, go to the stairway, make a right, run on two walls, and jump to the bar on the right side. Swing from the bar and follow the path, then make a quick left. The fist is in a weapon rack to the left. The Rayman fist has a high attack rate, but hardly does damage. If you throw it, you lose it forever.

Hockey Stick
After acquiring the Scorpion sword, find your way back to the central room. Turn the turnstile so that the lever is facing the doorway with the save point fountain. Stand facing the opposite doorway and walk up a little and to the right. You will find a ledge that is one step lower than the area around you. Walk down and grab on to it, then jump to the opposite ledge and jump back and forth to slowly make your way down. Once you reach the bottom drop down to the ledge below it. Wall run to the next wall and get ready to jump off and back and forth to make your way up. Wall run again and, when you reach the end wall jump to slow your descent once more, you'll eventually grab onto a ledge. Make your way to the doorway that is next to it, but do not go in. Instead, keep going on the rocks until you see the area where sand is falling. With the scorpion sword in hand, break the wall. Break the rack of weapons and pick up the hockey stick. It has moderate damage and a relatively slow attack rate.

Light Sword
The light sword is the strongest secondary weapon in the game. In the mystic caves you will come upon a door that you must unlock via switch. Directly after that door is a drop in the floor. Drop down and break the left wall, thenbreak the rack to pick up the light sword. The light sword has maximum damage and maximum attack rate.

Alternate ending:
To unlock an alternate ending, complete the game with all nine life upgrades and obtain the Water Sword.

Words of the Dahaka:
When being chased by the Dahaka, you can translate his insults by reversing time.

Life upgrade pedestal locations:
Find the following life upgrade pedestals:

Upgrade Pedestal 1
Found right after you beat Shahdee. Walk up the stairs to see a tall altar. Pull it back to open a secret doorway behind it. Follow it throw avoiding the traps to obtain the first life upgrade.

Upgrade Pedestal 2 (Past)
Found in the area where you first fight the Crow Master. Make your way up the area to the stairway. You'll see a small metal grate. At the bottom of the stores to the left there are some barrels and a switch. Hit the switch, slow down time, and make your way to the grate. Roll under it. Go through avoiding traps to get the second life upgrade.

Upgrade Pedestal 3
When you reach the central hall after acquiring the serpent sword turn the turnstile lever so that it faces the doorway with the save point fountain. Facing the opposite doorway walk foreword and to the right, you'll see a ledge. Drop down and wall jump back and forth to make your way slowly down. Once you get down, drop down to the ledge below and wall run and jump off at the end and jump side to side to make your way up. Wall run again and, at the end wall, jump from side to side to make your way down to a ledge. Make your way to the doorway go through and avoid the traps for the third upgrade pedestal.

Upgrade Pedestal 4
In the Mechanical tower, you will eventually reach a Thrall who is throwing spike beasts. Get him to blow up the left wall (Your left when facing the Thrall), then walk throw and avoid traps to get the fourth upgrade pedestal

Upgrade Pedestal 5
When you get to the Garden, head up to where you fight Silhouettes and Keepers. Walk to the left to find a ledge where the fence doesn't continue. From there, drop down, move, drop down and wall run to make your way to the doorway across the gap. Walk in, make your way through avoiding traps to find the fifth upgrade pedestal.

Upgrade Pedestal 6
Once you turn on the water in Garden works via turnstile, wall run up the wall behind it.

Upgrade Pedestal 7
In the Prison area after you defeat Thrall, make your way up and reach the end of the left side. Break a wall to find a door. Head to the right side and midway throw you'll see another cracked wall. Break it, hit the switch, slow down time, and make your way to the first wall you broke.

Upgrade Pedestal 8
Inside the library you'll see a broken doorway and railings. You need to jump to the other one and, instead of heading to the ledge to the left, head to the opposing doorway (which is still intact) Jump to the ledge and make your way to the right side, jump up, and go through to find your way to the eight life upgrade pedestal.

Upgrade Pedestal 9
The ninth pedestal is located in the room in which you chase Shahdee and she shuts the door behind her. You must make your way up and jump on a bar to open the door. On your way you'll see a cracked grating. Come back here when you have the scorpion sword and break the grate to reveal a crate. Bring the crate out to the adjacent wall, climb up on it, wall run up, and jump off to reach a ledge above it. Follow the area throw to reach the ninth upgrade pedestal.

-With all pedestals found you will be able to get the Water sword, which is located in the room before the throne room. It will be in the center. The Water Sword gives you an alternate ending as it is the only weapon capable of defeating the Dahaka.

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