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Bronze trophies
Metropolis - Complete All Metropolis Story Challenges.
Haven City - Complete All Haven City Story Challenges.
Paris - Complete All Paris Story Challenges.
Gleebertopia - Unlock The Final Gleebertopia Story Challenge.
Fire In The Hole - Destroy 8 Enemies With One Grenade From The Bouncer.
Lock N Load - Destroy 5 Enemies With One Red Morphgun Blast.
Simma Down - Complete A Haven City Or Paris Challenge Without Overheating The Combuster.
Line Em Up - Destroy 3 Enemies With A Single Melee Attack.
Babysitting - Return 4 Whibblets Simultaneously In A Single Haven City Or Paris Rescue Challenge.
Strike - Destroy 10 Pinbots With One Ball Detonation.
Chain Reaction - Save 4 Whibbles With One Disc In A Haven City Or Paris Jailbreak Challenge.
Cool Whip - Destroy 8 Enemies With One Whip Attack.
Just Enough - Get Bronze Medals On All Story Challenges.
Round of Applause - Get Your First Gold Medal.
Look What I Found - Pick Up Your First Hidden Collectible.
Buckets of Bolts - Find All Hidden Gold Bolts In Metropolis.
That's So Haven - Find All Hidden Precursor Orbs In Haven City.
Pocket Change - Find All Hidden Coins In Paris.
Crystal Clear - Get A 30x Crystal Combo In Team Play.
25 Is Alright - Get A 25x Multiplier.
Day Care - Return Every Whibblet Simultaneously In A Single Rescue Challenge.
Make It Look Easy - Save All Whibbles With One Disc In A Haven City Or Paris Jailbreak Challenge.
Can't Touch This - Take No Damage In A Single Haven City Or Paris Survival Challenge.
Seen It All - Use Every Ultimate Ability In The Game At Least Once.
Dance Party - Get 200 Total Enemies To Dance With The Groovitron.
In The Zoni - Destroy 200 Total Enemies Via Zoni Attacks.
HaXxoR - Turn 200 Total Enemies Against Each Other With Bentley's Auto-Hack Ability.
Eco Power - Destroy 200 Total Enemies with Dark Jak's Eco Lightning.
Daxter's Whirlwind - Destroy 200 Total Enemies With Dark Daxter's Whirlwind Attack.
Sneak Attack - Destroy 200 Total Enemies During Sly's Thief Time.
Agorian Dishonor - Destroy 40 Total Agorian Bombers.
Pork Chops - Destroy 100 Total Boar Bodyguards.
Landfill - Destroy 2500 Total Enemies.
Party People - Earn 10 Medals Of Any Kind In Team Play.
Team Trauma - Destroy Any Combination Of 12 Enemies Or Objects With One Team Strike.
Medic! - Give A Teammate 20 Health Ups In One Challenge In Team Play.
Spending Time With Friends - Give A Teammate 10 Total Time Extends In One Challenge In Team Play.
Target Practice - Hit Your Teammate 100 Times In One Challenge With Crystals In Team Play.
Ultimate Hero - Trigger Your Ultimate Ability 3 Times Within One Challenge.

Silver trophies
The End - Complete Story Mode.
1st Place Loser - Get Silver Medals On All Story Challenges.
All Together Again - Find All Hidden Gold Bolts, Precursor Orbs, And Coins.
50 Is Nifty - Get A 50x Multiplier.
All Falls Down - Destroy 20 Enemies During One Ultimate Ability Activation.
Space Junk - Destroy 5000 Total Enemies.

Gold trophies

G.O.A.T. - Get Gold Medals On All Story Challenges.
Diamonds Are Forever - Earn Gold Medals On All Diamond Challenges.
Nothing Up My Sleeve - Get A Gold Medal On A Diamond Challenge Without Using An Ultimate Ability.

Platinum trophy

PlayStation Move Hero - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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