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Bronze trophies

Adamantium Bonded - Find Adamantium and complete a successful bonding process on the Wolverine table!
Aunt May's Dinner Party - Start Aunt May's Dinner Party by hitting all the Websling ramps two times on Spider-Man table!
Cathari Treasure - Max out your funds by recovering treasures and vampire stashes on Blade.
Clone Chaos - Complete all four stages and lock three balls into Doc Ock hole to start the Wizard Mode - Clone Chaos on Spider-Man table!
Forsaken Shrine - Have Blade take a Darkhold chapter to the shrine and suppress it on Blade.
Glorious Sunshine - Complete all stages of the Final Mission and defeat Dracula on Blade.
Healing Factor Overloaded - Engage Sabertooth in battle and defeat him on the Wolverine table!
Ninja Technique - Hit one of the Hand ninjas by dumping the ball on him on the Wolverine table.
Partners - Reach 100 Team Force.
Smart Move - You can get this Trophy when a pumpkin bomb ball explodes in one of Doctor Octopus' tentacles on Spider-Man table.
The Invincible Iron Man - Complete the Whiplash and Mandarin missions on Iron Man table!
Tony Stark, Living Legend - Complete all Tony Stark's missions on Iron Man table!
Ultimo - Destroy Ultimo on Iron Man table!

Silver trophies
Comrades - Reach 1000 Team Force.

Gold trophies
Friends - Reach 5000 Team Force.

"Fantastic Four Table" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Fearsome Foursome - Start the Fantastic Four-Ball multiball for the first time on Fantastic Four.
Ignition - Set the sign of the Fantastic Four on fire with Human Torch on Fantastic Four.

Silver trophies
Fantastic! - Finish all the main missions, and save the World on Fantastic Four.

"Captain America Table" trophies:

Bronze trophies
The Omnipotent - Clear the way to the Cosmic Cube and grab it for a wish on Captain America!
The Howling Commandos - Gather the Howlers one-by-one by searching through the forests. Unlock Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, Jim Morita, and Jacques Dernier to aid you during your adventures on Captain America!

Silver trophies
Total Victory - Complete each mission from Cap and the Red Skull, find at least one of the Howlers and defeat the Red Skull in a series of battles in the Final Clash on Captain America!

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