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Bronze trophies
Assassin from Another World - Play a match as White Mikoto.
Clock Up - Used an Overdrive in Quick Style.
Cocoa - Play a match as Cocoa.
Ende - Play a match as Ende.
Fin - Play a match as Fin.
Gaito & Rin - Play a match as Gaito & Rin.
Gonna Watch? - Play a match in a Player Match room.
Infinity - Play a match as Infinity.
Itsuki Kono - Play a match as Itsuki Kono.
Kurisu Makise - Play a match as Kurisu Makise.
M - Play a match as M.
Mei Orisaka - Play a match as Mei Orisaka.
Mikoto Nishina - Play a match as Mikoto Nishina.
Not Yet - Play 10 matches in Ranked Match.
Ren Tatewaki - Play a match as Ren Tatewaki.
Ria Tojo - Play a match as Ria Tojo.
Rimi Sakihata - Play a match as Rimi Sakihata.
Shizuka Saijima - Play a match as Shizuka Saijima.
Solid Armor - Used an Overdrive in Hard Style.
Sophia Kalganova - Play a match as Sophia Kalganova.
Style Change - Used an Overdrive in Extra Style.
There - Play 25 matches in Ranked Match.
Tokiya Kanzaki - Play a match as Tokiya Kanzaki.
Waka Kumon - Play a match as Waka Kumon.
Win - Win a match in Ranked Match.
Winning Streak - Get a Winning Streak in Ranked Match.
Woman Number 12- Play a match as L.
Yuzuha Fujibayashi - Play a match as Yuzuha Fujibayashi.

Silver trophies
Chasing Shadows - Clear Shizuka's route in Situation Battle Mode.
Phantom Breaker - Clear Sophia's route in Situation Battle. Mode.
Ready - Play 50 matches in Ranked Match.
Schrodinger - Clear Ende's route in Situation Battle Mode.

Gold trophies
Avatar - Perform a 30-hit combo.
Avatar God - Perform a 50-hit combo.
Completely Clear - Cleared all characters in Situation Battle Mode.
Like an Avatar - Perform a 40-hit combo.

Platinum trophy
I Won All the Trophies - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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