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Painkiller: Hell and Damnation PS3 Cheats

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Bronze trophies
Endurance - Cemetery: Beat the level (Solo Campaign).
Haste - Tutorial: Destroy all objects (Solo Campaign).
Time Bonus - Oriental Castle: Gib 123 enemies (Solo Campaign).
Speed - Cathedral: Collect 330 pieces of gold dropped by enemies (Solo Campaign).
Fury - Loonypark: Kill 3 monsters in a row using saw blade (Solo Campaign).
Double Haste - Opera: Collect 100 souls (Solo Campaign).
Dexterity - Swamp: Kill SwampThing in under 4:00 (Solo Campaign).
Iron Will - Orphanage: Gib 50 frozen enemies (Solo Campaign).
Rage - Shadowland: Collect all Holy Items (Solo Campaign).
Double Time Bonus - Colloseum: Pick up every ammo box (Solo Campaign).
Triple Haste - Alastor: Kill Alastor in under 5:00 (Solo Campaign).
Confusion - Lab: Morph into demon 3 times (Solo Campaign).
Soul Keeper - Atrium Complex: Finish level in under 7:00 (Solo Campaign).
Blessing - Enclave: Kill Necrogiant in under 2:00 (Solo Campaign).
Replenish - Colloseum: Morph into demon 3 times (Solo Campaign).
Dark Soul - Opera: Find all secret areas (Solo Campaign).
Soul Catcher - Trainstation: Cut limbs of 100 enemies using Soul Catcher (Solo Campaign).
Greed - Orphanage: Kill all monsters (Solo Campaign).
Vitality - Cathedral: Collect 500 gold (Solo Campaign).
Divine Intervention - Loonypark: Possess 25 enemies using Soul Catcher (Solo Campaign).
Soul Redeemer - Oriental Castle: Collect all Holy Items (Solo Campaign).
Mercy - Shadowland: Kill Grim Reaper (Solo Campaign).
Name the Evil - Kill 666 enemies with Soul Catcher.
Farm Master - Solo Campaign: Collect 2012 pieces of gold from fallen enemies.
Treasure Hunter - Solo Campaign: Find 25 secret areas.
Grave Hunter - Solo Campaign: Finish 1st chapter.
Fallen - Solo Campaign: Finish 2nd chapter.
New Kids On the Blob - Solo Campaign: Finish 3rd chapter.
Imperfection - Collect 667 souls of dismembered enemies.
Barrel killer - Destroy 300 barrels.
Hurricane - Kill 333 enemies with explosive weapons.
Five at Once - Kill 5 enemies with one rocket.
Fussy Knight - Collect 40 armors.
Puncture - Solo Campaign: Finish the level using stakes only and don't miss any hit.
Warlock - Kill 123 enemies with combo damage.
Promoter - Capture 3 flags playing as Eve in one game.
Immortal - Kill 1000 enemies in Survival mode.
Road Roller - Get 30 kills in 3 minutes in Deathmatch mode.

Silver trophies
Annihilation - Kill 6666 enemies with stakes.
Bunny the Rabbit - Spend 666 seconds on bunny-hopping.
Chop-Chop - Gib 500 enemies entirely with rockets.
Nightmare Collector - Solo Campaign: Play whole game on Nightmare difficulty level.
Bullet Spammer - Shoot 50000 times.
Depot - Collect 500 ammo crates.
Upside-Down - Kill 999 enemies with Shotgun.

Gold trophies
Trauma Survived - Solo Campaign: Play whole game on Trauma difficulty level.
Calamity - Kill 500 enemies with environmental explosions.
Real colleague - Play 10 different levels in cooperative mode.

Platinum trophy

Platinum - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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