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Pac-Man Museum PS3 Cheats

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Bronze trophies

Intermediate - Earn Beginner's Graduation stamp in every game.
Ghost Eater - Earn all Ghost Eater and Ghost Hunter stamps.
Pac-Fan - Total play time reached 10 hrs.
Stamp Lover - Earn 10 stamps.
Furniture Lover - Collect all trinkets.
Pac and Pals - Unlock Pac, Cylindria, and Spiral.
Game Sampler - Play 9 different games.

Silver trophies
Happy 30th - Earn 30th Anniversary stamp in every game.
Pac-Man Master - Earn Master stamp in every game.
Figure Fan - Collect all figures.
Happy Family - Get all pals.

Gold trophies

Complete - Earn 72 stamps. 

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