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Bronze trophies
Welcome To Gissar - Complete Welcome To Tajikistan.
Protection Detail - Complete Meet The Neighbors.
Venomous Bite - Complete The Human Terrain.
Doing It The Hard Way - Complete Almost Too Easy.
Work Your Bolt - Complete The Wrong Way.
Devils At The Crossroad - Complete Careful What You Wish For....
The Alamo, Vahdat - Complete Line In The Sand .
Keeping It Simple - Complete 1st & 10, Let's Do It Again.
Freeing The Eagles - Complete Vantage Point.
Shock And Ore - Complete End Of The Beginning.
Sweeper - Complete one of the Combat Sweep FTE maps.
Defender - Complete one of the Last Stand FTE maps.
Rescuer - Complete one of the CSAR FTE maps.
Protector - Complete one of the Rolling Thunder FTE maps.
Peacekeeper - Complete and survive a Combat Sweep mission having killed all enemies and destroyed all caches.
Get To The Chopper! - Complete a Last Stand mission to stage 4, wave 4 and escape alive.
Package Delivered - Complete and survive a CSAR mission, rescuing both pilots.
Thunder Run - Complete and survive a Rolling Thunder mission with the entire convoy surviving.
Operation Enduring Shield - Complete Act 1 of the campaign.
Hardened - Max out one core soldier skill.
Outlaw 2's Brave - Obtain the highest level for one character class.
With A Little Help - Play Red River with three other friends.
Catch This! - Destroy an enemy vehicle with the FGM-148 Anti Tank Weapon.
Buzz Kill - Destroy an enemy aircraft with an anti aircraft weapon.
Driver's Ed - Drive a humvee.
Danger Close - Call in Combat Support within 300m of your location.
Pride Of Balletto - Complete a mission as the Auto Rifleman.
Pride Of Kirby - Complete a mission as the Rifleman.
Pride Of Soto - Complete a mission as the Scout.
Pride Of Taylor - Complete a mission as the Grenadier.
Weaponsmith - Customize a weapon.
Of The People, For The People - Pick up an enemy AK.
Old Enemies Die Hard - Kill your first PLA soldier in Red River campaign .
Rule #1 - Don't get shot.
Rule #2 - Short, controlled bursts.
Rule #3 - You discovered what Knox's Rule #3 is.
Rule #4 - Watch your bullet drop.
Rule #5 - Patch your wounds.
Rule #6 - Keep a full mag.
Rule #7 - If in doubt, fall back.
Rule #8 - Keep the enemy suppressed.
Rule #9 - Orders.
Rule #10 - Beware of confined spaces.

Silver trophies

Operation Unbroken Resistance - Complete Act 2 of the campaign.
Veteran - Max out three core soldier skills.
Outlaw 2's Finest - Obtain the highest level for two character classes.

Gold trophies
Operation Dragon Slayer - Complete Act 3 of the campaign.
Lifer - Max out all core soldier skills.
Outlaw 2's Hero - Obtain the highest level for all character classes.

Platinum trophy
Platinum Trophy - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

"Valley Of Death" trophies:

Bronze trophies
VOD Master - Obtain a Gold Ring on all VOD FTE maps.

Silver trophies

Unstoppable - Complete a VOD Rolling Thunder map without the convoy ever stopping.
Millionaires' Club - Complete a VOD Last Stand map with over 1 million points.
More Speed, Less Haste - Find the pilots & destroy the chopper in under 5 minutes on a VOD CSR map.

Gold trophies
Lethal Modelling Clay - Destroy an enemy tank with C4 on any of the VOD maps.

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