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2D mini-game:
To play the 2D mini-game that appeared in the games trailer, hold the left-analog-stick to the right and press select.

Split in two pieces:
Stretch your body until it is larger than the level. Let your head and end hang down over the sides of the level while continuing to stretch. Eventually part of your body will fall off the level and respawn, and you will now be in two pieces. Put some distance between both parts and find the end section. Move your head near the end section and eat it. You can eat the entire section and your body will grow back out.


Bronze trophies
10 - Take 10 inhabitants for a ride.
100 - Stretch BOY to a length of 100m.
20 - Eat 20 inhabitants.
BOY Quiz Expert - Answer all questions correctly in the BOY Quiz.
Bye-Bye BOY - Meet up with Bye-Bye BOY.
The BOY House - Rotate the roof of the BOY House.
The Space Squirrel - Find the Space Squirrel.

Silver trophies
765 - Report a length of exactly 765m to GIRL.
Combined Character - Create a combined character by eating an animal and a human or a fruit and a human.
The Prince - Take the Prince for a ride.
Unproportional - Make BOY's body grow thicker while keeping his head small.

Gold trophies
Eat Your Words! - Eat the words NOBY NOBY BOY within the manual or in the staff credits.

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