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Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding case-sensitive codes:

Visual Concepts team  - "vcteam"
Alternate Jerseys for Blackhawks, Avalanche, Panthers, Predators, and Wild - "G8r23Bty56"


Bronze trophies
10 PPGs - Achieve a total of 10 Power Play Goals.
10 SHGs - Achieve a total of 10 Short Handed Goals.
100 Games Played - Reach 100 Games Played.
1000 shots - Achieve a total of 1000 Shots.
20 PIMs - Achieve 20 Penalty Minutes in a game.
200 Hits - Achieve a total of 200 Hits.
200 PIMs - Achieve a total of 200 Penalty Minutes.
2000 Points - Achieve a total of 2000 Points.
2K Blogger - Upload your Franchise to 2KSports.com
3 PPG - Achieve 3 Power Play Goals in a game.
3 SHGs - Achieve a total of 3 Short Handed Goals.
30 PPGs - Achieve a total of 30 Power Play Goals.
50 Shots - Reach 50 Shots on goal in a game.
500 Games Played - Reach 500 Games Played.
500 Hits - Achieve a total of 500 Hits.
Blues Trophy - Win the Stanley Cup in Playoff Mode.
Bruins Trophy - Register 10+ hits in one game with any skater.
Canadiens Trophy - Achieve a total of 101 Assists to celebrate 101 years of the most successful team in NHL history.
Canucks Trophy - Get revenge for the '82 and '94 Canucks. Beat the Islanders or Rangers in any game mode.
Capitals Trophy - Clinch your division in Franchise or Season mode.
Ducks Trophy - Create a Player.
Did I Just Do That? - Shoot while stumbling or falling and score a goal.
Flames Trophy - Deke out a defenseman using a 1 on 1 move and then score a goal.
Hurricanes Trophy - Win 20 faceoffs in one game.
International Trophy - Win the International Tournament in Playoff Mode
Islanders Trophy - Like the '82 Islanders, sweep the Stanley Cup Finals in Franchise or Season Mode.
It's Cold Out Here - Win a game at Wrigley Field.
Lightning Trophy - Get a hat trick.
Maple Leafs Trophy - Get 10 points in one game with one player.
Mini Rink - Win a Mini-Rink game.
Oilers Trophy - Achieve a total of 446 goals.
Sabres Trophy - Get 3+ assists with one player in a single game.
Senators Trophy - Go a full game without logging any penalty minutes.
Thrashers Trophy - Clean 95% of the ice surface with the Zamboni.
Wild Trophy - Score 5 goals in one game with one player.

Silver trophies
Trophy - Win at home in front of a sold out arena.
Blackhawks Trophy - Score an overtime goal.
Blue Jackets Trophy - Make the playoffs in your Franchise.
Coyotes Trophy - Average an A teammate grade.
Devils Trophy - Achieve a total of 50 User Wins.
Flyers Trophy - Achieve a total of 500 Penalty Minutes.
Panthers Trophy - Get your 10th leaderboard win in a ranked match.
Penguins Trophy - Play and win 17 games in a row in your Franchise.
Predators Trophy - Score an awesome goal with a goalie deke.
Rangers Trophy - Create a team.
Red Wings Trophy - Win the Presidents Trophy and Stanley Cup in one season.
Sharks Trophy - Achieve a total of 200 User Wins
Stars Trophy - Win a Pond Hockey game

Gold trophy
Kings Trophy - Achieve a total of 894 goals.

Platinum trophies
NHL 2K10 Complete - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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