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Alternate jerseys:
To unlock alternate jerseys, enter "xe6377uyrwm48frf"(case-sensitive) at the cheats menu.

Super free agent:
There is a fake free agent goalie named Sabrina Ladha with a 98 rating. To make sure she is not signed by another team, go to "Edit Player" and lower her ratings.

99 overall in Be A Pro mode:
To play with a 99 overall rated player in "Be A Pro" mode, first go to the Create A Player screen and create a player with a 99 overall rating. Go to Be A Pro mode and instead of selecting "Be A Pro", choose to play as an NHL player.

Better defense hint:
As the New York Rangers in Dynasty mode, for better defense, sign Karel Rachunek from the free agents and trade Kalinin and Roszival for Dion Phaneuf on Calgary. The trade should be accepted and your defense will improve by at least 3 points.

Easy goals hint:
Come up from the left or right wing (whatever is best for you) and take a slap shot five hole. It will go in about 90% of the time.

Cones on the Ice in a Pro Game:
In "Be A Pro Central", press START to bring up the menu, choose "Team News", then "Practice Mode". Select "Skating Drill". At the settings screen, back out to the "Be A Pro Central" screen and select "Play Next game". Hit A to cycle through all the options and when it gets to the "Be a Pro Controls" screen press START immediately so that once it loads it starts the without it telling you to 'Press Start.' Start the game and you should have cones on the hockey rink while you play.

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