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Bronze trophies
Rule #1 - Complete first co-op activity
Nice goin' Abs. - Complete first fingerprint lifting.
Rule #8 - Complete first interview.
Like shooting fish in a pond - Complete first safe cracking.
You know I'm awesome - Collect first piece of evidence.

Silver trophies
Hey, I'm a hacker. - Complete first database search.
Abigail Sciuto FTW - Complete first fingerprint comparison.
Abbycadabra - Complete first chemical analysis.
Rule #39 - Complete first ballistics test.
Cooking up some awesome - Complete first footprint comparison.
Rule #38 - Complete first deduction.
Waddaya got for me, Duck - Complete first autopsy.
Rule #3 - Complete first interrogation.
Atlantic City - Complete first crime scene.
Dirty Harry - Complete second crime scene.
Bank Heist - Complete third crime scene.
BBQ'd Apartment - Complete fourth crime scene.
Front Lines - Complete fifth crime scene.
Torture Chamber - Complete sixth crime scene.
Five Star Accommodations - Complete seventh crime scene.
NCIS 1, Terrorists 0 - Save the world from terrorists.

Gold trophies
McGPS - Complete first satellite tracking.
Probie Wan Kenobie - Complete Episode 1.
NCIS Investigator - Complete Episode 2.
NCIS Agent - Complete Episode 3.
Very Special Agent - Complete Episode 4.

Platinum trophy
Justice has been served. - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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