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NBA 2K10: Draft Combine PS3 Cheats

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SP Modifiers:
Complete the following tasks to add or subtract the corresponding amount to your SP total:

Assist (+20)
Good Shot Selection (+30)
Steal (+30)
Offensive or Defensive Rebound (+15)
Draw Foul (+10)
Convert And One (+15)
Turnover (-10)
Bad Shot Selection (-5)
Missed Shot from close range (-5)
If your shot is blocked (-15)

-You can also complete one of the following Highlight Plays to earn 10 SP at the end of the game:

Steal Leading to a Basket
Double Move Leading to a Score
Slam Dunk

Teammate Grade Modifiers:
-Complete any of the following tasks to positively affect your teammate grade:

On-Ball Screen
Tipped Pass
Good Pass
Fill Lane Correctly
Good Shot Defense
Last Second Shot

-Complete any of the following tasks to negatively affect your teammate grade:

Bad Steal Attempt
Bad Positioning
Hold Ball Too Long
Allow Man To Score


Bronze trophies

Game 1 - Complete the first NBA Draft Combine game.
Game 2 - Complete the second NBA Draft Combine game.
Game 3 - Complete the third NBA Draft Combine game.
Game 4 - Complete the fourth NBA Draft Combine game.
Game 5 - Complete the fifth NBA Draft Combine game.
Show Me The Skills - Spend Skill Points to improve an attribute.
The Legend Begins - Create your player.

Silver trophies
2K10: Let's Do This - Upload your player when the Draft Combine is over.
Game 6 - Complete the sixth NBA Draft Combine game.
Practice Makes Perfect - Complete 3 Drills.
Season Preparation - Win five Scrimmage games.

Gold trophies
NBA-Ready - Win 15 Scrimmage games.

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