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Unlockable Jerseys:
Unlock the following jerseys by entering the corresponding codes at the cheats menu:

Bobcats alternate jersey - JKL846ETK5
Jazz secondary road jersey - 228GG7585G
Hornets Valentine's Day jersey - EL2E3T8H58
Nets secondary road jersey - NB79D965D
Wizards secondary road jersey - PL5285F37F
Eastern All-Stars jersey - 5F89RE2H8G
Western All-Stars jersey - 2H5E89EH8C

Recommended team:

To create an undefeatable Denver Nuggets in Season mode, start a new season and, before playing your first match, trade the following:

Marcus Camby for Yao Ming (Rockets).
André Miller for Allen Iverson (76ers).
Kenyon Martin for Kobe Bryant (Lakers).
J.R. Smith for Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks).
DerMarr Johnson for Dwyane Wade (Heat).

Finally, trade one of the remaining players--except for Carmelo Anthony for Vince Carter (Nets). You can now win almost all games in the season by simulating it. However, do not do this for the playoffs, asother teams will be much better. If you succeed, you will win the season perfectly.

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