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Bronze trophies
Running Flat - Make it to pit road with a flat tire.
Use the Force - Win a race with the HUD turned off.
Expert Racer - Start and finish a race without any driving assists.
Big Mover - Pass a total of 250 cars.
Spice of Life - Drive as 10 different drivers.
Perfect Weekend - Win a race after Qualifying first and leading the most laps.
Engineer - Run a custom tuning setup in a race.
Lucky Dog - Be the Lucky Dog driver in a race.
The Big One - Be involved in a wreck at Talladega.
Heading to the Garage - DNF from a race by critically damaging your car.
Chevy Fan - Win a race while driving a Chevy.
Ford Fan - Win a race while driving a Ford.
Toyota Fan - Win a race while driving a Toyota.
Fully Sponsored - Sign 10 Sponsors to your car.
Investor - Invest in all areas of the Race Shop.
Bye Bye Rookie Stripe - Finish your first Sprint Cup Season in Career.
Messing with the Past - Finish all the 2013 Highlights with at least a Bronze award.
Brave New World - Take part in an Online Race.
Small Steps - Win your first Online Race.
Online Veteran - Participate in 50 Online Races.
Saving Memories - Save an Online Replay.
Paint Booth Pro - Make a custom brush in the Paint Booth.
Custom Ride - Create a custom paint scheme.
Poser - Take a picture using Photo Mode.
Star Driver - Win the All-Star Race.
Laying Down the Laps - Run 10 laps in a single Track Testing session.

Silver trophies
Front Row - Qualify on Pole 20 times.
Egg Head - Research everything in the R&D department.
Sprint Cup Champion - Win the Sprint Cup in Career.
Second Hand Champion - In Career, win a race using only refurbished parts.
Points Collector - Finish a full season with over 2,400 points.
Time Traveller - Finish all the 2013 Highlights with at least a Silver award.
Legend of Leagues - Win a League Season.
Getting into the Swing - Win 10 Online Races.
Online Master - Participate in 100 Online Races.
Race for the Chase - Win the Sprint Cup in Chase Mode.

Gold trophies
Champion Driver - Win the Sprint Cup in Career on at least 90% difficulty.
Time Lord - Finish all the 2013 Highlights with at least a Gold award.
Dominating - Win 20 Online Races.
Seasoned Champ - Win the Sprint Cup in Single Season Mode.

Platinum trophy

Platinum - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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